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Do you own a convertible car and you think it's now high time to have its soft top replaced? It's a good thing that this component is now widely available in many brick and mortar as well as online auto parts stores. Unlike during the initial release of convertibles, there are now more options available for replacement tops. You can choose from a wide variety of brands, designs, sizes, colors, and materials. Since your auto investment deserves nothing but high-quality components and add-ons, you should see to it that the soft top you'll install in it comes from a reliable brand name like Pavement Ends.

This company has been known for producing the industry's finest parts and add-ons for convertible cars. In fact, tonneau covers from Pavement Ends are made from top-quality materials, which make it more capable of protecting your cargos from wind, snow, rain, sunlight, and dirt. Aside from safeguarding your Jeep against stormy weather, Pavement Ends tonneau cover also comes with sleek aerodynamic design so it won't ruin your rig's cool, rugged looks. This cover is designed to fit over folded down factory soft top bows.

The company also offers Pavement Ends bikini top kits that include rain ponchos and stuff storage sack. The bikini top is made from rain-resistant PVC-fabric, which makes it capable enough of offering the quick protection you need against sudden downpours. Pavement Ends has made it compact and lightweight so it's way easy to store and portable enough to be carried just about anywhere. On the other hand, the wind screen from this company does its job of excellently preventing too much wind, rain, and dust from getting into the vehicle's cockpit from the rear. For you to still achieve an unobstructed rear view, Pavement Ends wind screen features a clear plastic window. With its buckles and straps, this component can easily be attached to the rollbar.