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A Quick and Easy Guide to Installing a Performance Chip

Better fuel mileage, enhanced turbo boost, and improved handling and transmission are just some of the benefits of an automotive performance chip. Installing this aftermarket component is one of the most popular car performance upgrades that drivers really like because it's very easy and effective. You can get it done even at your own garage in a matter of 30 minutes. Here are the steps that you should follow:

Required skill level: Intermediate

Tools and materials you'll need:

  • Screwdriver
  • Battery-terminal wrench
  • Ratchet and socket set
  • Preparing the car before the installation

    Familiarize yourself with the right instruction procedure of the specific chip you're installing. Don't forget to engage the emergency brake to prevent the car from moving. Before you start, make sure that the negative terminal is off from the battery to avoid being grounded.

    Accessing the ECU

    You can install a performance chip directly in the dashboard if you will remove the glove compartment. Open the glove box by removing the screws that hold it in place. If the glove box is mounted by tabs, simply pry the tabs with a flat-head screwdriver.

    Clipping the chip/chips

    Find the ECU box once the glove box is out. Locate the stock chip that you want to replace. Check the vehicle owner's manual to know the exact location of each chip. Remove the old stock chip by unclipping it. Fasten the new chip in place of the old. Make sure that the copper pins are touching the base of the chip slot. When theses pins are loose, the chip might not work properly.

    Installing chip to the engine

    Some chips such as the fuel injection adjuster chip must be installed to the engine. You have to open the car hood and clip the chip to the specified spot or point on the engine.

    Wiring the chip to the ECU

    After installing the chip, you have to connect it to the car's main computer or the ECU. Pull the wire from the chip until it reaches the wiring harness at the back of the ECU. Simply attach the black clip at the end of the wire to the car's ECU. Avoid bending or kinking the wire as much as possible.

    Testing the chip

    Reconnect the negative cable to the car's battery. Insert the key and switch the ignition on but do not start the engine. Leave the key there for three minutes to allow the ECU to adjust the throttle positions. Check for errors and wait if the check engine light turns on; if it doesn't, it means that the installation is successful.

    Performance Chip Articles

    • Jet Performance vs. Hypertech: Which Performance Chip Offers the Optimum Car Power

      Jet Performance and Hypertech both aim to give your car extra boosts of power with just one performance chip. Increasing your car's fuel mileage, improving its transmission and handling, and enhancing its air/fuel ratio are just some of the benefits that these brands promise to give. As a consumer, you have to be wise when choosing which product to buy. Consider some of these factors to arrive at a very sound buying decision.

      Ease of installation

      Performance chips from both manufacturers can be installed directly on the ECU under the dash of the vehicle. Also, Jet has the Dynamic Spectrum Tuning and Hypertech has Power Tuning, which are automatic tuning and programming features that instantly update the vehicle's mechanical and operational data. However, some Hypertech chips need to be soldered to the ECU. It's a bit time consuming for those who are in a hurry.

      WINNER: Jet Performance

      Value of money

      Hypertech Street runner chip ranges from $130 to $160. Buying this product instead of Jet's requires you to shell out $20 or more. The good news is,a Hypertech chip is backed by lifetime warranty, while Jet only offers limited warranty plans.

      WINNER: Hypertech

      Efficiency of product

      We installed the Hypertech performance chip in a Dodge. Unfortunately, it did not have huge effect on the vehicle's total operation. It just simply modified the fuel system by increasing fuel supply whenever the car gained speed. But when we tried the Jet chip, we noticed that the car ran faster. It even ran smoothly when we drove on curves.

      WINNER: Jet Performance

      Availability of the product

      Both products are sold legally in 49 states only. They can be purchased from your local auto parts store or online.

      WINNER: Jet Performance and Hypertech

      The verdict

      We believe that performance chips are created for one main reason-to improve the car's mechanical function. So among all the considerations we've given, the most important is the efficiency of the product. Besides, you would not buy performance chips if you're already satisfied with your vehicle's speed right? Clearly, you want the product that delivers what it promises.