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Your car comes with a factory-tuned engine control unit (ECU). As far as stock ECUs go, however, they only provide so-so performance. If you want to get the most power out of your car, you should go for a performance module.First, here's a look at some basics. Your car's stock ECU is designed to control key engine functions such as mixing air and fuel, timing of ignition, and/or cam profile for engines with variable valve timing systems, and recording mechanical or electrical failures. The main aim of stock ECU programming is a balance between optimum performance and fuel efficiency. What it doesn't give is maximum performance adjustments for racing applications.That's what a performance module is for-tweaking the engine's performance for maximum torque and horsepower delivery at all engine speeds and improving engine response. The module even diagnoses engine faults so you can solve them without paying for professional services. Excited? You should be.Carparts has a large inventory of performance modules for any car make and model.

• Tweaks engine performance for maximum torque and horsepower delivery

• Improves engine response

• Helps your car achieve peak engine efficiency depending on octane rating of fuel

Performance Module Articles

  • Hypertech vs. Jet Performance: A Performance Module Showdown

    If you want to boost your vehicle's overall performance, then you should consider purchasing a performance module. Connected to the electronic control unit (ECU), this part modifies fuel delivery and timing to improve your vehicle's speed and other important features. Because of its use, this part should not only be made of high-quality materials-it should be enginereed for your vehicle as well. Jet Performance and Hypertech, two of the industry's leading makers of performance modules, offer these benefits and more. So you won't have a hard time choosing between these brands, here's a guide that you can check out.


    Performance modules under Jet Performance have prices ranging from 107 to 584 USD. On the other hand, those manufactured by Hypertech cost about 98 to 293 USD. With a difference of about 290 USD, car owners can save much with Hypertech.

    WINNER: Hypertech

    Ease of installation

    To compare the performance modules manufactured by Jet Performance and Hypertech in terms of ease of installation, we equipped them on our 1989 Chevrolet Corvette. Both modules were installed easily and fast. Also, no special tools were used to set up the parts.

    WINNER: Hypertech and Jet Performance


    After installing each performance module, we drove our Corvette to check if its overall performance improved. With the Jet Performance module, we noticed an increase in gas mileage of about 2 to 3 mpg. There was also a considerable boost in our Corvette's top speed. Likewise, with Hypertech, our vehicle gained a small increase in horsepower, and it's temperature ran a little cooler.

    WINNER: Jet Performance and Hypertech


    When it comes to warranty, Hypertech performance modules are covered by a lifetime limited warranty, while those manufactured by Jet Performance are also backed by the same warranty coverage.

    WINNER: Jet Performance and Hypertech

    The verdict

    Both Jet Performance and Hypertech manufacture high-quality and reliable performance modules. However, if you're looking for something light on the pocketbook then settling for Hypertech is a good idea. Nonetheless, before choosing which brand will suit you the best, carefully weigh all your options so you won't end up regretting your purchase.