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Performance Module And Chip

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Automobile owners looking to boost their vehicle's performance now have the answer to their needs with the performance chip. This technological marvel is manufactured by after-market companies and are designed primarily to raise engine power. It does this by optimizing a vehicle's fuel and ignition system in order to extract the maximum amount of horsepower and torque possible.
The performance chip (also known as "power programmer" and "performance programmer") works as a replacement for an ECU (Engine Control Unit) chip that holds an engine's lookup tables. The aforementioned tables found in the performance chip contain values that translate to higher fuel rates during certain driving conditions. For example, the new lookup tables may supply more fuel while at full throttle and at every engine speed. The spark timing may also be altered as a result of this. Since manufacturers of performance-chip makers are not as focused on issues like reliability, mileage and emissions controls as the car-makers are, they tend to utilize more aggressive settings in the fuel maps of their performance chips.
Auto performance chips mimic the tricks of the old-time tuners onto a single computer chip, virtually remapping an engine's systems to offer increased power and more torque. Top-of-the-line auto performance chips and truck performance chips maximize the fuel/air ratio and spark map in engines to fit the demands of the car enthusiast. With the performance chip, vehicle owners can get great fuel mileage and amazingly clean emissions with the engine still operating at its full potential.

Performance Module and Chip Articles

  • Important Facts You Need to Know About Performance Module and Chip

    Installing your vehicle with a performance chip is perhaps the easiest way of squeezing out more power from your vehicle. A performance chip can noticeably increase your vehicle's horsepower and torque, as well as improve its drivability. Your vehicle comes with a stock computer chip that controls the engine's output, specifically in the area of fuel delivery. But if you want greater power and performance from your vehicle, what you need is a topnotch performance chip. This chip allows more efficient fuel delivery to your engine, at specified times in the course of driving. Basically, the performance chip can crank out from 9 - 60 more horsepower, depending on your vehicle. It is a direct replacement for your vehicle's stock chip and features power tuning data that controls the engine's air-fuel ration and spark advance.

    • A premium-quality performance chip changes your vehicle's air-fuel mixture to optimize power and torque output.

    • Performance chips can be installed in less than 30 minutes with simple hand tools and without wiring or soldering.

    • With a guaranteed upgrade in your vehicle's power and performance, equipping your vehicle with a performance chip is never a waste of money.