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Performance Monitor

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How often do you check your instrument panel for warning lights? The truth is, those warning lights give you little clue of what's wrong with your car. They only warn you of a failure and that you should see a mechanic to check out your car.In other words, in terms of monitoring your car's health, those lights are almost useless. You'll be better off with a performance monitor. Take a peek inside a real race car and you'll find dozens of meters and gauges running all over the dashboard and front instrument panel. They provide up-to-the-second information on what's happening to important systems.Data is also sent automatically to engineers in the pits to monitor their race car's overall performance. Problems are discovered and fixed almost immediately. That's the benefit of having a performance monitor keeping an eye on things.You can have the same technology watching your car. You just have to check out Carparts's online catalogs to get your hands on this product.

• Our performance monitors come with a setup wizard that automatically calibrates to your car's ECU.

• Performance monitors from us pull and erase error codes (DTCs).

• Our performance monitors help you keep an eye on your car's health.