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The automotive ignition system directs the conversion of fuel to power. It is because of this task that the said system is considered the heart of an internal combustion engine. Once the ignition gets defective, it will sure take time for the engine to start or worse, it may not start at all. So if you think your ride's ignition has seen better days, have it replaced with a new one from Perma-Tune Electronics Inc. This is one of the industry's leading developer and manufacturer of high-energy electronic ignition systems and products not just for street vehicles but also for exotic motorcars and race cars.

The original Perma-Tune ignition system was designed in 1968 by Ferdinand Porsche and Dr. Theodore Sturm. It was made for the original Porsche 911 race car, the same automobile that's said to have "put Porsche on the map." The same ignition was installed in many other Ferrari-powered race cars by that time. The later version of this system was then used as stock equipment on the 1974 edition of Porsche 911. The Perma-Tune business was then bought by Mr. Lenarduzzi in 1989, making it a privately held corporation. During the succeeding years, the company has been known for its groundbreaking innovations, which make it earn military-spec certification. Rather than focusing exclusively on Porsche, the company expanded its product line to cover Lamborghini, BMW, Ferrari, Maserati, and Mercedes-Benz. The company also develops and manufactures products for industrial, military, marine, and aviation systems.

Perma-Tune makes different types of ignition systems including the basic Perma-Tune system, the Digital Fire system, the Coilless system, and the Plasma Drive system. It also offers products like Perma-Tune ignition coil, pre-amps, spark plugs, 10mm pure copper-core, wire harnesses, and spark plug wire sets. With these components installed, you sure will experience a perfect blend of improved performance, lesser emissions, and increased fuel economy.