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The expertise and industry experience of Phillips and & Temro is truly beyond what you can imagine. Yes, this company is guided by its more than 80 years of experience in keeping automotive engines warm and running. Throughout the years, the company has been on the forefront of technology, focusing on research and development so it can make diesel vehicles, equipment, and generators run more efficiently. With the innovative solutions made by Phillips and & Temro in diesel engine cold start technology, power distribution, emissions control, silencing, and cooling fans, vehicle owners like you can save money while using products with no or fewer environmental impacts.

The company was established by James B. Carter in 1920. Year after year, the company invested in acquisitions, research, and equipment that paved the way to addition of cold weather automotive products designed to make engine start even on cold Canadian mornings. It was in 1970s when the company's name was changed to Carter Temro Ltd. This company has merged with Phillips Manufacturing Company in 1972 when Carter Temro was sold to Budd Automotive Company. It is because of the said merging that the company was called Phillips and & Temro.

The company's mission is to anticipate, identify, and meet the constantly changing needs of customers not only in the automotive industry but also in agricultural, heavy duty truck, and industrial markets. In fact, Phillips and & Temro block heater cord, and other products made by this company are designed and manufactured using the strengths of its people plus its resources. This proves to be the best value for your bucks as it is offered with 12-month or 12,000-mile warranty from Phillips and & Temro.