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Car maintenance need not be a hard thing to do as long as the auto owner has the right parts and tools by Phoenix USA.

Phoenix USA produces almost everything that a car owner requires starting from body accessories, lighting components, to wheel products.

Phoenix USA uses premium materials as well as advanced technology in manufacturing its products to ensure their reliability.

The company uses fiberglass, rubber, stainless steel, and lots of other premium raw materials in producing all its offerings.

Wheels are usually associated with functionality and performance. However, car owners must know that these parts can also serve as aesthetic boosters to any vehicle they own. A simple touch up on these components can make a huge difference to a car's overall appearance. Wheel replacement is not a practical choice in this matter. Installation of Phoenix USA Wheel Simulator will do. It only needs to be mounted on the existing rims and, voila! The wheel will look brand new. A great benefit of this wheel simulator is the huge savings a car owner can have. It's not as costly as custom rims, but it is just as effective. People will definitely notice the improvement this add-on gives. Phoenix USA provides its wheel simulators as a complete set. These are real attention-getters with their mirror polished stainless steel. Aside from the front and rear wheel simulators, the set also consists of black plastic lug nut covers. Every Phoenix USA Wheel Simulator has a protective rolled edge that gives it added strength. Handling safety is another advantage that is provided by the rolled edge. Putting this wheel enhancer is not difficult. In fact, a car owner can easily do so with just the basic hand tools. The Wheel Simulator is a perfect fit for 8-lug wheels with 16-in. diameter. It's up to him to determine if this fits his car wheels. Who said boosting a car's façade is costly? With Phoenix USA Wheel Simulator, it doesn't have to be!

Car owners can quit worrying about their sedans, SUVs, or pickup truck's body and paintwork getting all scratched when they take them out for a ride in rough terrains. Loose rocks and mud disturbed by the wheels are usually the causes of this kind of damage. However, by attaching Phoenix USA Fender Flares on the vehicle, scratches and grazes can be avoided. This add-on is attached to the car's fenders so they effectively ward off harmful road elements flung out by the wheels. Even if boulders hit the fender flare, it won't easily break because it is made of tough-built materials. Phoenix USA prefer premium rubber, fiber glass, or urethane in making fender flares because they are lightweight. Stainless steel is also used for special flares. Improved aesthetics is another benefit that's provided by Phoenix USA Fender Flares. They are available in a variety of colors and finishes, so a car owner will always find one that will match his vehicle. Motorists don't have to worry that the body will get damaged in some way. This add-on's easy and convenient installation is another big benefit to a car owner. He doesn't have to be an expert in all auto repair and maintenance jobs; basic mechanical knowledge would be enough to get the Phoenix USA Fender Flares installed accurately. Phoenix USA products including the fender flares are widely available in the market today.