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In today's extremely competitive global marketplace, only a few companies managed to be internationally renowned. Fonderie Officine Pietro Pilenga is one of them. The company has been able to establish a rock-solid reputation in the global automotive market and today, it is now representing a true standard of quality for the automotive industry. Mechanics, fleet managers, and vehicles owners who are committed to all round quality, make products from this company is their natural choice. Pilenga is able to achieve that perfect blend of remarkable production stages, computerized quality, control systems, and skilled technical staff that made the company capable enough of producing a very wide range of high-quality automotive products.

Since 1947, automotive safety aspects have significantly improved. This is the reason why brake discs these days are guaranteed efficient and functional. But do you know that the industry needs to thank Pietro Pilenga for that? With his decision to focus on innovation and invest in modern equipment, the company becomes one of the few in the world that can take pride in producing brake discs and drums that are cast and machined on the same production site. So when someone tells you that it's a Pilenga brake disc, that's built by a company with constant dedication to high levels of quality.

What makes Pilenga's products so outstanding is the company's quality control system that goes with every stage of the production process. Yes, every production stage is analyzed, the possible risk factors are evaluated, and the appropriate control methods are defined. Pilenga also makes sure the raw materials used in producing their brake discs and other products are durable enough. The company also complies with all relevant regulations of the industry.