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Brakes, no matter how carefully made, can still have small imperfections that can cause brake noise. To correct such imperfections, brake shims are used. These are thin layers of metal or rubber that's slotted between the rotors and the brake pads to adjust any abnormalities in their functions. For modern vehicles with new brake parts, brake pad shims also double as anti-rattle pads, preventing the pads and the rotors from squealing or banging against each other. Most brake shims are made from rubber so they usually get worn out over time. When this happens and you need replacement, there's only one name to trust - Plastiron.

This company knows just how important it is for vehicles to have perfectly functioning brakes so it focuses on the development and manufacture of brake shims for various types of brake systems. Though way easy to install, Plastiron brake pad shim can make a noticeable difference in the way brake components work together. Just because your stock brake pad shim is made from rubber doesn't mean you need to get the same for its replacement. You can actually consider upgrading to titanium brake shims.

Much like heat shields, titanium brake pad shims prevent the heat produced by your braking effort from affecting other brake components. To keep costs down, some manufacturers make use of titanium alloy. No matter what type of brake pad shims you use, it's important to make sure that the shims fit your brake pads perfectly. If you don't want to regret your purchase, then choose only brake shims from Plastiron. This company is one of those with a rock-solid reputation especially when it comes to manufacturing brake parts. Since brake shims from this company are high-quality, they sure can help extend the life of your brake components.