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Plymouth A/C Condenser

One of the main components of the Plymouth air conditioning system that helps immensely to cool the air inside the vehicle is the condenser. The a/c condenser is located outside the fan unit of the air conditioning system. It works by removing the heat from the freon gas, converting the gas back into a liquid, and pumping the liquid back to the coil in the furnace. On the process of cooling the air, inside the vehicle, there are several parts that are involved. These are the compressor, condenser, evaporator, orifice tube, thermal expansion valve, receiver-drier, and accumulator.

To fully understand the process of air conditioning, here is process of the air flow:

Most commonly called the heart of the heart of the system, the air starts at the compressor. It is a belt-driven device pumps the air by compressing and transferring the refrigerant gas. There are two directions: the high pressure and the low pressure side. As a pump, the compressor sucks air from the inside of the vehicle which in this case is heat and releases it to the condenser where it converts it into cooler air. Basically, the condenser is designed to radiate the heat. Usually located at the front of the radiator, the condenser receives a good supply of air coming from the outside to fully operate and convert produce a cooler air.

The air then is released from the condenser and proceeds to the receiver-drier. The receiver-drier separates the gas and liquid and removes moisture and filter out dirt. The air then proceeds to the pressure regulating devices which come in different forms depending on the type of the vehicle. Some commonly used pressure regulating devices are the orifice tube and thermal expansion valve. Finally, the air proceeds to the evaporator. The evaporator is commonly located inside the vehicle that performs several tasks. First, it removes the heat from the inside of the vehicle; second, it acts as the dehumidification by releasing the water out of the system. It then releases cool air inside the vehicle.

  • Closer Look at Plymouth A/C Condenser

    Your Plymouth AC condenser works hard, helping to keep your vehicle cool during the hottest of summer days and the most humid of summer nights. Over time, the more delicate of the Plymouth AC condenser parts can suffer wear and tear from the daily rigors of driving, which include road debris, as well as from the moisture that the elements bring. The fins of the Plymouth AC condenser, and the metal tubing that travels through the network they create, need to be somewhat delicate to perform their role in the cooling of your vehicle. While the location of the Plymouth AC condenser, in front of the radiator and right behind the grill, may seem odd, in light of the delicacy of some of the Plymouth AC condenser parts, it really is the most suitable place, as the system needs the air brought in through the grill when the vehicle is in motion to help dissipate the heat from the coolant that circulates through the tubing, assisted in the heat dissipation process by the fins. Over time these metal Plymouth AC condenser parts can suffer damage from corrosion, the fins breaking off and the tubing developing leaks as rust eats through, and the fins can become coated with dirt and grime, reducing their performance. This causes the Plymouth AC condenser to struggle to perform its duties, eventually leading to failure of the part. When this occurs, and the odds are that it will happen at least once during the lifetime of your vehicle, you'll easily find the right replacement Plymouth AC condenser in our extensive collection of Plymouth parts and accessories, and it will be at a price that is affordable for the average consumer, comparing well to what your local retailers will ask for the same part. You can order your Plymouth AC condenser today, online or via our toll-free telephone number, and our efficient order processing will have it soon on your doorstep, ready to install.