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Plymouth Acclaim Headlight Assembly

Common Symptoms of a Bad Plymouth Acclaim Headlight Assembly

Your Plymouth Acclaim headlight assembly helps you see the road especially during the night. Also, the assembly houses the turn signal lights which are crucial communication features among drivers. Your headlight assembly is built to last and provide safe driving. However, this part is also prone to various issues that you need to attend to. Taking these problems for granted may result in a road accident. With this, you need to keep a watchful eye on the different signs that your headlight assembly is going bad.

One headlight assembly does not work

If only one headlight assembly does not light up, it may be caused by a blown headlight bulb. The bulb in your headlight assembly has a service life that depends on the hours it is lighted up and the vibrations it receives from driving your Plymouth Acclaim. If your headlight bulb blows up, you need to replace it before hitting the road again.

Both headlights do not work

When both your headlights do not work, it means that they do not receive enough voltage from your battery. It may be caused by a fault in one of the electrical components such as the relay, fuse, module, switch, or wiring. When you experience this problem, you need to pinpoint which part is causing the issue before making necessary actions.

Dim headlights

Another common problem with the headlight assembly is dim light emissions. This is caused by a dirty headlight lens. Over time, the plastic lens of your headlight assembly fogs up, dimming the light emitted. This is due to the sunlight that beats on and damages the plastic material of the lens. Good thing is that the discoloration can be removed by applying mild abrasive polishing cream on the headlight lens. However, if the discoloration reaches below the lens, the whole of your Plymouth Acclaim headlight assembly should be replaced altogether.

Moisture inside your headlight assembly

Every headlight assembly is designed to be tightly sealed to prevent contaminants from damaging the bulb. However, cracks and small openings develop on your headlight assembly over time. These result in moisture inside the headlight lens. When this happens, you need to get rid immediately of the moisture before it damages the bulb. You can do this with the help of a hair dryer.

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  • Making Sure Your Plymouth Acclaim Headlight Assembly is in Top Condition 27 February 2013

    Your headlight assembly is one of the most important automotive lights in your Plymouth Acclaim. It provides proper illumination and road visibility most especially during the night. It also contains the turn signal lights which is a crucial communication feature among drivers. Because your headlight assembly is the part that stands between you and a road accident, you need to keep it in good shape. Following are some ways on how you can maintain this part in working condition.

    Always replace your headlight assembly in pairs.

    Needless to say, a headlight assembly in your car eventually requires replacement. It is most likely caused by too much use. When one headlight assembly is in need of changing, the other is not far behind. Replacing just one assembly gives you one headlight shining brighter than the other. To make sure you have better road visibility, it is advisable to replace both headlights at the same time.

    Clean your Plymouth Acclaim headlight assembly regularly.

    Visibility is a crucial aspect in your headlight assembly. This comes with cleanliness and clarity of the headlight lens. Your safety depends on the brightness of the light your headlamp emits. With this, you need to ensure your headlight lens is not fogged up, dimming the light. Regular toothpaste, aluminum polishing, or wet sand paper can do the trick.

    Apply protection film over your headlight assembly.

    Scratches are the first steps to a fogged up headlight lens. If you do not have the time to clean your headlight lens from time to time, there is another option. Available online are various protection films that offer scratch protection to your headlight assembly. These clear films are made of scratch-resistant, urethane material that guards your headlight lens against fogging up.

    Often check your Plymouth Accord headlight assembly alignment.

    Headlight alignment and aim are important factors that affect your road visibility. Over time, the bulb or the assembly slightly moves out of its place, affecting aim of the light. A headlight that is not properly aimed totally defeats the purpose of the part. With this, make sure your headlight assembly is positioned correctly. Doing so is not difficult at all. California standards state that the light emitted should reach 25 feet of distance at 2.5 inches below the height of the actual assembly.