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Plymouth Catalytic Converter

Today's problem regarding air pollution can be highly attributed to the growing number of vehicles in almost all parts of the world especially in highly urbanized countries like the USA. To address this problem, certain automobile emissions control technologies were devised. The said technologies are employed to reduce the chemical and biological agents that modify the natural characteristics of the atmosphere that are emitted by different automobiles and almost all kind of vehicles. Emissions produced by a vehicle can either be tailpipe emissions or evaporative emissions.

Under the tailpipe emissions control system you can find three different ways of controlling it to which are - increasing engine efficiency, increasing vehicle efficiency, and cleaning up the emissions. Cleaning up the emissions technique is considered as advancement in engine vehicle technology to continually reduce the amount of pollutants generated, but it turned out that the result of it is still insufficient to meet emission goals and objectives. As a result, innovations were taken up to complement the lack. The use of air injection and catalytic converters are the two major solutions that were innovated.

Catalytic converters like the Plymouth catalytic converter is a device installed in the exhaust pipe and designed to convert various emissions into less harmful ones using a heavy, malleable, ductile, precious gray-white transition metal element called platinum as a catalyst. Over time, catalytic converters underwent various improvements for better, more significant and easier application of method for reducing tailpipe emissions. Moreover, catalytic converters have an important effect on pollution by its incompatibility with the use of tetraethyl lead as an octane booster in gasoline thus prompting the phasing-out of that additive as converter-fitted cars became more prevalent.

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