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Plymouth Hood

When one talks about a door in your vehicle, you would probably imagine just the front and rear doors you use to get inside and out of your car. Think again; there are many doors in your vehicle other than the driver and passenger doors at the side of the vehicle. Among those other types of doors is the hood. As a door, it provides covering and protection to the parts at the front end of the vehicle, including (for most vehicles) the engine.

The hood is just one section of the whole body of your auto. Like all other body panels, the hood performs different tasks all at the same time. First, it protects the interior parts against rain, snow, extreme heat of the sun and other harmful external elements. Second, it provides shield to the interior parts during high impact collisions, so those parts underneath the hood won't incur serious damages. Third, it enhances the vehicle's aerodynamics as it helps the vehicle cut through air with little resistance. Lastly, it is more pleasing to the eyes if your car has excellently finished hood; thus, the hood serves aesthetic purposes as well.

Some hoods are vented so that more air can pass through the hole and thus, the engine can easily "breathe." In effect, the engine performs better and you get a more satisfying ride. As a door to the end of the vehicle, the tailgate also has inner and outer panel. The inner panel gives strength to the whole structure while the outside panel serves as the skin. It is usually made of metal so it is prone to rust and can be dented or scratched when hit by a hard object.

Like many other car parts, the hood can be replaced as well. If you are working on your old Plymouth's refurbishment, you don't have to worry about getting a new hood for your Plymouth car. Replacement hoods are readily available online. For a sportier ride, you can get a Plymouth hood with hood scoops. You can choose Plymouth hood made of ultra-lightweight carbon fiber for enhanced aerodynamics and thus, performance. Also, there are Plymouth hoods made of fiberglass and sheet molding composite available in the market.