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Plymouth Neon Starter

If ever you encounter starting problems with your Plymouth Neon vehicle, you should perhaps check on your Plymouth Neon starter. Before thinking that your automobile incurred more serious problems, you must first check first on your starter if it is still working properly. Automotive starters convert electricity to mechanical energy in two different stages. By turning on the ignition switch, it releases a small amount of power from the battery to the solenoid above the starter. This process creates a magnetic field that pushes the solenoid plunger, forcing attached shift yoke to move the starter drive so that its pinion gear meshes with the engine's crankshaft flywheel.

Furthermore, when the plunger completes its travels, it strikes a contact that permits a greater amount of current to flow from the battery to the starter motor, then the motor spins the drive and turns the meshed gears to provide power to the crankshaft, which prepares each cylinder for ignition, and after which, the engine is now ready to start. Once the engine starts, the ignition key is released to break the starting circuit, and the solenoid's magnetic field collapses and the return spring pulls the plunger back, automatically shutting off the starter motor and disengaging the starter drive.

However, when the starter is not in use, the drive unit is retracted so that its pinion is disengaged from the flywheel. And as soon as the starter is activated, the forward movement of the solenoid plunger causes the shift yoke to move the drive in the opposite direction and engage the pinion and flywheel. The pinion is then locked to its shaft by a clutch that unlocks if the engine starts up and the flywheel begins turning the pinion faster than its normal speed. By allowing the pinion to spin freely for a moment, the clutch protects the motor from damage until the drive is retracted.

This whole process repeats itself every time your start your car that is why, starters are subjected to being worn out more often and should be replaced immediately should you encounter starting failure. It is for this reason that starters like the Plymouth Neon starters are made available in the market.

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