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Plymouth Sundance Bumper Reinforcement

Culprits behind a Faulty Plymouth Sundance Bumper Reinforcement

In the event of a collision, you might think that the Plymouth Sundance's bumper is the one to absorb the impact, but in fact, it is the reinforcement inside the part that greatly reduces the damage. You see, this steel bar is highly durable and is expected to last as long as your auto. If you have recently been in a collision and think that the bar was damaged, then you had better perform some troubleshooting. Here are some common problems encountered with a Plymouth Sundance bumper reinforcement and the reasons behind them.

Loose bumper

In certain cases when the car's front bumper suffered a collision, gaps can form between the bumper and the hood. This usually means that the crash led to bumper reinforcement damage. Luckily, all you have to do is to remove the bumper and inspect if the chassis or the reinforcement bar is damaged. Sometimes, you will only need to tighten the reinforcement. In other instances, the sagging bumper is a result of defective bumper brackets. If they are only bent then you will only need to adjust them back to fix the gap between the bumper and hood.

Rusting reinforcement bar

Since a bumper reinforcement bar is generally made of high durable steel, it is also highly susceptible to rusting and corrosion. If you are not careful with your auto when driving, especially when taking the auto through rough terrain or flooded areas, then you might soon find the reinforcement bar to be all rusty and muddy. Fortunately, you can just inspect the bar by removing the bumper. You can prevent further damage without much effort. All you have to do is clean the part every time you ride on rough terrain. If rust is already present, simply use a rust dissolver and a wire brush.

Dented reinforcement bar

A dented bumper may also mean a dented reinforcement bar. So if you notice a dent on one of the bumpers, then you had better remove the part and inspect for reinforcement damage. Minor dents are not a major problem, but when you find the bar to be excessively deformed, then your only option is to replace the bar. Failing to do so may compromise your safety since a warped reinforcement bar is less durable.

  • Easy Ways to Keep a Plymouth Sundance Bumper Reinforcement in Optimum Condition

    The primary function of your Plymouth's bumper is to minimize damage in the event of a low-speed collision. But most drivers are unaware that the bumper's shock-absorbing capacity is a result of a fully functional bumper reinforcement. As you can see, bumpers aren't merely for aesthetic appeal. If you want to keep your auto's front end in good shape, then you should know how to perform basic bumper reinforcement maintenance. If you are not exactly sure on how to go about with the task, then here are quick and easy ways to keep your Plymouth Sundance bumper reinforcement in good condition:

    Tighten loose bumper reinforcement.

    During a minor collision, a car's bumper may sag. This defect is usually attributed to a loose bumper reinforcement. So, to keep the bumpers from disconnecting and falling off from the reinforcement bar, find time to tighten the bumper reinforcement. You may also want to check the bolts and screws if they are still in good condition. In some cases, the bumper mounts are at fault, so you should also check for these parts.

    Avoid driving through puddles of water or rough terrain.

    There's a reason why roads and highways were created. The Plymouth is not exactly built for off-road capabilities, so refrain from driving through rough terrain or puddles of water. For instance, if there's another way other than a flooded area, go and follow that trail by all means. This simple procedure can help extend the service life of the bumper reinforcement. This is because the bumper reinforcement is made of steel and when mud or water finds their way inside the bar, there's a greater risk for rusting and corrosion.

    Wipe off rust with a wire brush and rust dissolvers.

    Rusting and corrosion is a common occurrence with steel car parts like the bumper reinforcement. Luckily, removing rust spots is easy. As long as the damage is not yet severe, rust spots can be removed by using a wire brush and rust dissolver. Just make sure that the metal is rinsed first to remove grime and grease. If the bumper reinforcement is already severely damaged, then your only option might be is a replacement.