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Pontiac Grand AM Hood

The car parts located under the car's hood need tough protection since it where energy is squeezed out to be supplied to the different auto parts helping together to give life to the vehicle. There are different types of hoods made and crafted by different auto makers specially suited for their makes and brands. Among the long array of hoods are the tough and sporty Pontiac Grand Am hoods. Their industrial experience allowed them to produce the type of hood that can face the challenges of daily wear and tear.

Hoods made from carbon fiber are in full swing nowadays. Auto parts and accessories made from such material are in demand considering the quality, durability and affordability of the produced products. Top quality carbon fiber hoods have ultra UV protection features which shield the component from fading and corrosion due to intolerable heat of the sun. It is also lighter in weight so it will not affect the speed of the car. The smoothness of the sides is also an advantage which gives an aura of elegance and class.

Car hoods with vents allow better performance of the engine components. Through the vent, the air from the radiator is easily directed outside the car which can help the car to achieve greater road grip and speed. It is also a nice way to improve the looks of the car which can set the vehicle apart from the usual hood look.

Hoods with vents or without vents are offered in any market. It can be universal or custom made depending on the specs and features of the car. For Ford Windstar, hoods can as well be custom made in case the owner wants to give his car its own distinct look. The hood can be adorned with stickers, emblems and other ornaments to further enhance its style.

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