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Pontiac Grand Am Window Regulator

Pontiac Grand Am How-to: Troubleshooting a Window Regulator

A window regulator allows the windows of your Pontiac Grand Am to be raised or lowered. Before the dawn of automated window regulators or "power windows," as it is commonly known, windows are manually cranked open or closed with a hand lever driven in a circular motion. But automated or not, the mechanical assembly of the window regulator is composed of several parts: the motor, window lift relay, lower and upper guide brackets, and regulator stop. Late innovations also provided a lock system for disabling any window activity. With a press of a button, the regulator denies any command for it to raise or lower the window. This addressed previous safety concerns when travelling with a child. However, if the window regulator fails to respond without engaging the lock, then there must be something wrong with the component. Check below if some of these symptoms are familiar:

The window stops halfway when the window regulator button is engaged.

A power window works in the same manner as the manual hand crank, in the sense that rotating motors are utilized to open or close the window. The only difference is that a power window uses electrical impulses coming from the cabin switch to operate the said motor. If the window on your Pontiac Grand Am fails to open fully, you need to consider opening the interior trimming of your door to gain access to the window regulator. The motor of the regulator most probably accumulated foreign particles that is blocking its full rotation.

The window regulator intermittently fails to respond; hence, recently opened or closed windows cannot be rolled up or down.

When you are experiencing this kind of problem, it is highly likely that the push/ pull cable setup of the mechanism has frayed adjacent plastic components. This braided steel cable is supported only by plastic guides that are anchored to the window support bracket. After repeated and frequent use, the cable will into the plastic components by principle of friction; allowing the cable to flop and become misaligned from the entire structure. The signal coming from the power window button is stunted by this misalignment, hindering the electrical impulses from traveling fast enough and being translated into a stable physical action.

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  • Pontiac Grand Am How-to: Window Regulator Maintenance

    The window regulator is installed underneath the inner trimmings of the car door. It allows the window of your Pontiac Grand Am to be raised or lowered on a whim. Window regulators come in two types, it can either be manually engaged by using a hand crank, or electronically activated by pressing a button. Both are the same in principle, however, since both rely on spur gears, worm gears, and a rotating motor to create the torque pulling the window up or down. Given that its role largely banks on massive tension, the window regulator is subject to wear after prolonged or improper use. Maintenance tips are listed below to help you avert signs of premature wear:

    Apply silicone spray.

    Silicone spray is composed of organic compounds and is safe to use on metals because it is non-reactive to most substances. It is low friction, non-oxidizing and water-repelling. It is the perfect lubricating substance to use on the window regulator because it maintains its greasiness in extreme temperature ranges. Silicone spray is especially convenient during winters; compared to other lubricating substances, silicon has a natural ability to withstand cold weather. When you apply this to the window regulator, it saves you the hassle of constantly checking the mechanism to make sure the lubricant has not solidified.

    Clean with a chamois cloth.

    It is good practice to clean the window regulator from time to time, most especially during the turn of climates wherein the changing moisture level of the environment might extend to certain parts of your car. Chamois cloth is perfect for wiping moisture away from corrosive materials. Not only does it absorb water better than any other cloth, the leather material also repel dust and other small particles that may adhere to the cloth, and later, may be transferred to the component.

    Check the screws, bolts, and plastic brackets.

    The function of the window regulator relies on varying levels of torque and tension. In order for the mechanism to work well, precision is imperative. Any loose screws, bolts, or plastic brackets will misalign the cables and the worm gears that make any window activity possible.