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Pontiac Grand Prix Mirror

Driving a Pontiac Grand Prix is not just like driving an ordinary vehicle; it is driving a piece of machine that is proven to give the optimum level of performance whatever the occasion is. And with a complete package which includes style, comfort, safety, luxury, and not to mention the performance, the Grand Prix is surely a vehicle of great value.

Every Pontiac Grand Prix is jam-packed with every thing you could ask for a car. The latest model features the 5.3L V8 which could generate up to 303 horsepower. This engine is considered the most powerful in its class. It has a the safety cage construction with dual stage front air bags with passenger sending, and front/rear crush zones among other safety features. The new Pontiac Grand Prix also offers a near 90-degree rear door opening to provide a more convenient vehicle entry and exit. Room is also significantly big both on the rear and in the cargo area.
But all these could not be so significant without the presence of traditional, yet useful features that make every vehicle complete. These parts range from lights, interior parts, windows, doors, wheels, and mirrors. Yes, mirrors. The Pontiac Grand Prix mirror provide a good rear visibility to keep the driver aware of all the activities happening behind him.

Pontiac Grand Prix Mirror is classified in to two: the rear view mirror and the side mirror. Rear view mirror is located inside the vehicle, attached on the front-middle ceiling right above the windshield. This provides a good view of the rear without bending the head. The side mirror is a pair of mirrors that are found on the both sides of the vehicle which main purpose is to provide a good view of the rear that is essential during changing lanes, making turns, reversing, and parking.

For most of the vehicles, replacement mirrors with LED turning signal could be installed in place of the conventional side mirrors. Customized mirrors are best to give the vehicle an improved exterior look with function.

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