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Pontiac Grand Prix Tail Light Assembly

Common Problems Your Pontiac Grand Prix Tail Light Assemblies Tend to Experience

Your Pontiac Grand Prix tail light assemblies are built to endure the toughest driving conditions. But like all things, these components still succumb to the everyday wear and tear and cause different problems like malfunctioning tail lights or water-filled assemblies. If you see that your tail lights aren't functioning well and aren't in top condition anymore, give them a quick check-up and see whether they need to undergo some troubleshooting. Here are some common tail light assembly problems you will encounter as your Grand Prix continues to drive thousands of miles.

Unlit tail lights

If you're experiencing malfunctioning tail lights, don't worry. This is perhaps the most usual problem any tail light assembly has. A burned-out bulb is usually the culprit for an unlit tail light, but this is the case if only a single assembly stops beaming bright red. Should this be the scenario, removal of the bulb is needed to have one of its filaments checked for any signs of breakage, which calls for a replacement. However, if multiple tail lights stop working, the fuse should be inspected. And if for some unfortunate reason that the fuse isn't causing the light malfunction, pass the blame to the damaged or loose wiring near the tail light assemblies and under the car.

Rain water or condensation

Rain water inside tail light assemblies is normal especially if you live in a humid area that experiences frequent heavy rains. Condensation, however, shouldn't be left unfixed as trapped water can cause the sockets and wires to get faulty. Should you experience this on your Pontiac Grand Prix, remove and dry the assemblies, and then use a silicon sealant or glue to cover up any open areas where water can enter. Make sure to completely reseal the lens to the tail light assembly and secure the sockets from any possible moisture. This troubleshooting should keep your tail light assembly dry inside.

Cracked lenses

A slight mistake in maneuvering while parking can cost you a cracked tail light assembly. Huge cracks normally require replacement, but small-sized chips can still be salvaged using a tail light repair kit that can be purchased from any car store. With this kit, you can create a mixture that needs to be applied on the damaged area and make your assembly look just fine.

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  • Tips on How to Keep Your Pontiac Grand Prix Tail Light Assemblies in Top Condition

    The tail light assemblies on your Pontiac Grand Prix keep you safe while driving at night. But time will come that these bright red beams won't be as vibrant as they are before. Worse, they will cease to stop lighting. To ensure that your tail light assemblies continue functioning well while maintaining its top form, follow these simple tips:

    • Keep the lenses clear
    • Although oxidation cannot be spotted easily on the tail lights unlike on the headlights, you should regularly inspect your assemblies for any signs of this. After all, heavily oxidized tail lights make the red beam seem darker and harder to be seen at night by the driver of the vehicle behind you. To keep your lenses clear, you should apply plastic lens cleaner on them on a regular basis. But if your car already suffers from heavy oxidation, you must sand the tail lights using water-soaked 1200- and 1500-grit sandpapers in a left to right motion and apply lens cleaner and plastic UV protectant using a non-abrasive towel.
    • Keep the wires clean
    • Making sure that the wires connected to the tail light assemblies are not damaged or loosen is very important as such cases can stop the bulbs from working. That's why you should regularly check and dust off the wires using a dry cloth or brush to avoid corrosion or dirt buildup. Keep in mind that using water or any cleaning agents can damage the wire insulators and can even accidently make contact with exposed areas. Should you find a corroded or open wire, you have to replace it or wrap it with wire tape.
    • Keep the assembly interior dry
    • Condensation happens inside tail light assemblies, and this is usually caused by water seeping through damaged rubber sealing. Because water enters the assemblies through the open areas, bulb sockets also tend to collect small amount of water, which poses harm on the wirings and bulbs. This is the reason why keeping your assemblies dry inside is highly important. You can avoid condensation by applying silicone sealant along the edges of the lens to ensure secured fitting and on other open parts in the tail light assemblies.