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Pontiac Grand Prix Wheel HUB

Considered as one of the best performing vehicles in the sixties, the Pontiac Grand Prix is part of the long line of Pontiac vehicles which have survived for several decades and still in production today. First went into sale in 1962 intended to compete with the Ford Thunderbird and the Chrysler 300, the Pontiac Grand Prix instantly gained popularity as it was one of the first and most popular cars that started the muscle car era. The Grand Prix became Pontiac's mid-size vehicle, just below the Bonneville in the company's lineup. But even for that time, when lean and mean engines are the standard, the Grand Prix's engine is better and bigger.

For two generations, the Grand Prix has undergone major improvement in style capturing every taste of muscle car enthusiasts. The Grand Prix was offered in coupe for a sportier look; hardtops that compliment the bucket seats and the console; and the convertible a more appealing close to environment attachment. The body was restyled to include the improvement of headlight, grille, hood, bumper, mirrors, and wheelbase. It has also undergone engine improvements and downsizing with engines ranging from 389 V8 during its first year up to 455 V8 that can produce up to 300 hp in 1973 year model.

Today, the legendary model is currently reviving the passion of the Grand Prix of the sixties. With better and more appealing body styles with updated features, the Grand Prix is surely a must have. The trademark for big engine is also revived with the new Grand Prix which houses the GXP's small-block 5.3 L V8 engine, the first V8 engine for the last 18 years.

To fully rejuvenate the pride of owning a Grand Prix whether it is the original muscle car or the contemporary model, parts have been made available. The Pontiac Grand Prix rims can keep the wheels rolling with style as the Grand Prix history continuously rolls with honor.

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