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Pontiac Grand Prix Windshield Wiper Arm

Diagnosing Pontiac Grand Prix Windshield Wiper Arm Problems

Your Pontiac Grand Prix windshield wiper arm functions using a very simple mechanism. This device is a part of the wiper linkage assembly and is attached to the motor. It extends and retracts while it sweeps out dirt and water from your windshield. Perhaps, a wiper arm goes back and forth for about a thousand times, so don't be surprised when it falls off all of a sudden. At this point, all you can do is to find the culprit behind this problem to determine your next course of action-repair.

Wiper arm falls off completely.

If one day you just notice that your wiper arm is completely gone, there's only one thing that could have possibly happen-the nut and bolt came loose. Diagnosing this problem is very easy. You just need to inspect the linkages of the wiper arm. Replace any missing nut to secure the wiper arm in place. Don't forget the "other" wiper arm. Retighten its mounting bolts using pliers to prevent the arm from falling off, too.

Wiper arm moves very slowly.

Having a really slow-moving wiper arm is such a pain, especially during rainy and winter seasons. There are several reasons that can cause this scenario. First, you must check the return spring, pins, and joints for corrosion. Carefully pull the wiper arm to an upright position to see the small components clearly. If rust is present among these metal parts, you need to spray them with an all-purpose cleaner. Second, you must inspect the wiper blades for dirt. Dust and dirt debris hamper the movement of the wiper arm. Clean the blades to allow the wiper arms to move freely.

Wiper arm doesn't move at all.

You've already tried everything just to make your wiper arm work again, but you've failed. It only means that it's high time to replace them already. It's natural for your wiper arms to fail after they've been used for years. What you need to do in this case is to inspect the wiper arms thoroughly. A completely conked-out wiper arm looks extremely corroded up to its mounting bolts and pivot joints. Extremely corroded wiper arms are brittle, thus they break easily. There's no way for you to put it back into one piece. Installing a brand-new wiper arm is the best solution to this problem.

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  • Tips on How to Prevent Your Pontiac Grand Prix Windshield Wiper Arm from Failing 27 February 2013

    One of the most neglected car components is the Pontiac Grand Prix windshield wiper arm. People always tend to forget that a wiper arm is an important safety feature in their vehicle. It clears the windshield from water, snow, or dirt that can cloud the driver's vision. Therefore, it needs utmost maintenance and care. In preserving the wiper arm's tip-top shape, here are some tips to follow:

    Inspect its condition.

    A scheduled maintenance check is necessary to determine the condition of your wiper arm. This way, you can still apply the necessary repair before it's too late. By simply rubbing your fingers along the edges of the wiper arm, you'll know if it's corroded or broken. A regular inspection will also tell you when it's already time to change your wiper arm.

    Clean it.

    Your wiper arm is exposed to dirt and pollution every day. Forgetting to clean them can cause dirt buildup and corrosion. To keep it squeaky clean, use windshield wiper soap or any mild detergent. Wipe it with a damp cloth or sponge to take the debris out.

    Replace it when necessary.

    If you're worried about the money you need to spend for a wiper arm replacement, don't fret. A new wiper arm won't cost you a treasure. Many auto part shops sell this car component at a very low price, so don't let yourself suffer from a broken wiper arm. It's also very important to change both arms at once even if only one of them is worn out. Chances are high for the other arm to fail eventually.

    Prevent it from freezing.

    During winter, your wiper arm can get stuck frozen to the windshield. Prevent this from happening by using a defroster. You can also use a windshield cleaner that contains antifreeze to prevent your wiper arm from going stiff.

    Coat it with fresh paint.

    Painting your wiper arms has two benefits. One, it eliminates scratches and nicks on the wiper arm to make it look brand new. Second, it inhibits corrosion to make your wiper last for years. It is a very simple procedure that can surely extend the service life of your wiper arm.