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Pontiac Solstice Cold Air Intake

Common Cold Air Intake Problems on Your Pontiac Solstice

Your Pontiac Solstice cold air intake provides increased horsepower, better gas mileage, and longer engine block life. But at the same time, it can give you a headache as it feeds you with problems like loose connections, strange noise, and the damaging hydrolock. But don't worry because below are some of the common problems you may face that are backed by troubleshooting tips for your guide:

Excess noise

Your cold air intake may produce strange noises. The best way to check if the noise is coming from that component is to rev your engine and have someone listen to the intake. You can check for a loose plug or clip or any loose connections that may be producing such noise. Also, an unsealed hose clamp may allow small debris inside the intake system, which will create excess noise especially at high RPMs. To prevent this, make sure to tighten the plugs, clips, and hose clamps.

Loose rubber fittings

The changing temperatures of the engine can cause the cold air intake's rubber fittings to expand or contract. This loosens the intake's connections and leaves it out of position while allowing vacuum leaks. But you don't need to worry because this problem is easy to troubleshoot. You just have to simply tighten the rubber fittings on your cold air intake and secure it right in its place for it to function properly and prevent any further problems.


The risk of hydrolocking increases when you run your car on a cold air intake, especially if you drive your Solstice through a flood. When water gets inside the engine and reaches the top of the cylinder, the pistons wouldn't be able to complete a travel cycle and will face the threat of getting bent. When this happens, other components like the crankcase, the head, and the bearings may also get damaged. Should your engine hydrolocks while speeding, you will hear a loud screeching noise. On the other hand, the engine will simply not work if it hydrolocks at idle. And once your engine hydrolocks, replacing it is recommended as it's more cost-effective. To minimize the risk of hydrolocking, you can protect your air filter using a splash shield or install a mesh filter cover on your cold air intake.

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