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Pontiac Vibe Vent Visor

Pontiac Vibe Vent Visor Upkeep Tips

Aside from the vent visor being a mere accessory in making the vehicle look customized, it's also a great addition to the windows to reduce noise and glare when driving. Basically, it's made of durable plastic so that it can weather any storm or snow. However, it's inevitable for the visor to wear out, especially if proper upkeep is not done. Here are some maintenance tips on how to properly take good care of the Pontiac Vibe vent visor.

  • Repair the cracks on the vent visor.
  • Cracks on the vent visor are inevitable since this is exposed to the dust and flying debris on the road. Also driving with a cracked one will totally defeat its purpose of improving the overall look of your car and protecting you from glare. So once you discover imperfections such as these, be sure to do something about them right away. You can fix a cracked one just by using spray adhesive. After a few hours, you'll surely notice that the crevices would disappear, and the visors will look good as new.

  • Clean the vent visor.
  • After every trip, you'll notice that the vent visor would look dusty. You can surely make it last longer by cleaning it when you arrive home. You can just simply use fresh rags or clean paper towels to do the trick. And when weekend comes, you can surely take your vehicle to the carwash to get your whole automobile clean and fresh.

  • Remove the vent visor carefully.
  • If you're thinking about replacing the vent visor, you'll have to keep in mind to remove it carefully from the vehicle so that you won't end up damaging any parts. Also, repairing cracks would also entail you to take it out. You'll need a putty knife to lift the corner of the vent visor to separate the double-sided tape that secures it in place. After you have completely separated the tape from the vehicle, you can pull out the vent visor, but remember to do it carefully. Since you're going to be installing a new one, or if you're just going to fix the crack and you just want a fresh area, you can clean the surface where the visor was. You can do this by rubbing a rug with bug and tar cleaner.

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