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Porsche 911 Car Bra

Culprits behind a Faulty Porsche 911 Car Bra

Contrary to popular belief, your Porsche 911 car bra is not only built for aesthetic and design purposes but also for safety and protection benefits. This simple cover can help address lighting issues due to headlights being covered with road debris. But, since a car bra is fitted at the front of your vehicle, it is more susceptible to damage. Pretty soon, you might find your car bra discolored or spoiled with scratches. If you think your Porsche 911 car bra has failed to give your car the right protection against road elements, then better perform some troubleshooting. Here are some of the common problems encountered with a car bra and the reasons behind them.

Cloudy paint job

Although your car bra is built to protect the grille and the hood's paint job, there are instances when the paint becomes cloudy. This cloudy paint job is caused by what is called sandblasting. This fogging or cloudy paint job occurs when dirt or unwanted particles stay trapped under the car bra. This often happens when the car bra is attached on the vehicle for a long period of time. Luckily, you can easily remove the haze by applying a buffing compound. On the other hand, you can easily prevent this by removing and cleaning the car bra at least once a week.

Excessive scratches

Scratches on your car should have been prevented with a car bra, but if you find them even after you have used the covering, then there might have been some debris trapped on the hood or in the car bra. You see, this may also have been caused by the car bra seams. Failing to install or uninstall properly can cause scratches instead of prevent them. This may also be caused by the absence of a protective inner lining. You should check if the bra type you equipped on the Porsche 911 has a soft inner lining.

Saggy car bra

If the car bra you bought is not custom fit, then there is a higher possibility of sagging and flapping. This is especially noticeable when speeding up. In addition to flapping, a saggy car bra can in fact damage your hood's paint job. So if you want to prevent this problem, make sure that the car bra is custom-fit and skin-tight.

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  • Tips in Keeping a Porsche 911 Car Bra Well-Conditioned

    With style and functionality rolled into one, a Porsche 911 car bra provides classy and sporty appeal while keeping unwanted road particles from the auto's grille and hood. This simple addition to your vehicle can provide protection to your car's paint job and help repel bugs from getting stuck to the paint. However, despite its defensive features, your car bra is still prone to wear and tear. A defective car bra can damage your auto's paint job and can even compromise your safety. If you want to keep your Porsche 911's car bra in top shape, then follow these easy and trouble-free maintenance tips:

    • Perform a regular removing and cleaning of the car bra.
    • It is ideal to remove your Porsche 911's car bra at least once a week for cleaning and maintenance. When your car is left parked and the car bra is not removed, there is a greater chance for your front end paint finish to fade unevenly. Removing the car bra helps keep the finish even and also aids in addressing trapped dirt or road debris between the hood and the cover.
    • Use mild detergent and water in washing the car bra.
    • Clean the car bra while it is attached on the Porsche 911. Make sure that you dilute the washing detergent before sponging the car bra. A vinyl cleaner often works best with car bras, but be sure to rinse the part well to avoid surface damage. Also, after cleaning the outside part, do not forget to wash the car bra's underside.
    • Make sure to dry the car bra and the hood before re-installation.
    • To avoid paint damage and mildew build up, you should allot time for the car bra and the car hood to dry. You see, trapped moisture can cause paint bubbling and uneven finish. Some car bra manufacturers offer a micro-perforated feature that allows trapped moisture to evaporate by driving. If the car bra equipped on your auto does not have this feature, then simply allot time for drying. Make sure that the bra is also left to dry in a cool place.
    Other maintenance remindersAvoid using silicone-based cleaners because these types affect the car bra's UV coating. Be sure to match the cleaners with the car bra type.