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Do you have this burning desire to bring your ride into the race track? The first thing you should do is to satisfy your need for speed by outfitting your ride with components that will help it run faster than it does today. These includes high-performance alternators, starters, DC to AC power inverters, battery chargers, and many others. Good news! Powermaster designs and manufactures such components to address your needs. Whether they are for show or for performance, this manufacturer offers these components to fit various applications.

The Powermaster starter, or ultratorque starter to be specific, is perfect for hardcore racing applications, or the kind that needs ultimate performance and fastest cranking speed. The said starter is water and corrosion resistant so it sure will last for a long time. It boasts its machined aluminum adjustable block and patented design. This ultratorque starter from Powermaster is ideal for big cubic engine motors and is compatible with many kickout oil pans, even those oversized ones. When it comes to generators, the company offers units that are made to fit generator bracketry. The said generator takes pride in featuring heavy duty regulator, 1-wire operations, as well as 75 to 60 amps at idle.

Powermaster started in 1999 with its nine years of UPS background. At present, the company is establishing good reputation in the marine and automotive market. With its industry integration expertise, the company has been able to deliver professional solutions to address specific needs of customers not just in automotive applications but also in home and office appliances, mobile applications, marine, solar power applications, wind power, electronic equipments, and many other applications. Because it puts its customers first, Powermaster has gained a lot of clients across the globe. The company also prided itself for having achieved ISO 9001.