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Any rear wheel drive vehicle needs a driveshaft. This component transfers the engine's power from the transmission to the vehicle's differential. The said shaft can be a one-piece tube or it can be made up of two or more segments. Its design depends upon your ride's make and model. Now if what you need is a complete shaft that's dynamically balanced and is ready to install in your vehicle, there's only one name you can trust - Powertrain.

Why would you choose to get a complete Powertrain driveshaft rather than individual components that still need to be assembled? It's simple. The people behind the said shaft are familiar with the ins and outs of foreign automotive driveshafts so you can be sure that every component making it up is properly installed. Powertrain also takes pride in supplying OE driveshafts for limousines, mid-size buses, industrial drives, power boats, and other applications. Of course, fixing or rebuilding automotive driveshafts requires a balancer. No worries, the company is ready for that. It offers a driveshaft balancer that isn't just simple but flexible and accurate enough.

In its early years in the industry, the company's driveline shop provides Powertrain with its much needed insight to the demands of the industry. Through the said shop, people running this company found out what components are not available at brick and mortar stores. It is also the same shop that helps them determine the items needed by mechanics and DIYers around the world in fixing driveshafts. Today, Powertrain has this never-ending dedication in making the industry's finest driveshaft parts for many foreign rear wheel drive vehicles and light trucks hitting the road these days. It continues to live up to its mission of providing mechanics and vehicle owners with reliable driveline solutions.