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Prestolite is one of the world's biggest OE and aftermarket providers of premium automotive ignition wiring products.

Ignition wire sets, battery cables, specialty harnesses, automotive primary wire, multi-conductor cable, and welding cable are only some of its products.

Prestolite ignition products are designed to fit different vehicle makes and models.

Only topnotch materials and advanced technologies are used by Prestolite to ensure durability and excellent performance of their products.

High-voltage electricity can inflict damage when not handled properly—be it in houses, cars, or gadgets. In cars, this high-voltage electricity is handled by the ignition wires as it travels from the ignition coil to the distributor and from the distributor to the spark plugs. Car owners shouldn't be surprised if the stock ignition wires in their car fail after a period of use. Anyway, this shouldn't be a big concern because the topnotch Prestolite Ignition Wire Set is widely available for replacement purposes. This part is designed to meet and even exceed OE performance. Car owners would be glad to know that this is Class E rated with three high-performance silicone layers. Installation won't be a problem because it features click-in-place end caps that suits OE end caps. Adjustment is not needed because this already offers a tight fit. Aside from that, other advantages of the Prestolite Ignition Wire Set are the individual spark plug leads and complete harnesses with wire separators and wire routing trays and the custom tailored lead and auto wire harnesses. This replacement is sure to render long-lasting service because of its durable construction. When compared to other ignition wire sets in the market, the fiberglass, silicone, and Kevlar construction of this product still stands superior. The Prestolite Ignition Wire Set can resist heat, cold, and chemical exposure, so there's no danger of it shrinking of cracking under pressure. But, for a customer's security, this product comes with the manufacturer's limited warranty.

Seasoned auto owners know better than to install second-rate replacement parts in their vehicles. Their years of auto ownership have taught them that using substandard parts just make them spend more in repairs and new replacement. On top of that, they're unable to get the bets performance out of their vehicles. When it comes to ignition system improvement, one of the best parts that must be installed is the Prestolite Direct Ignition Coil Boot. There's a big difference between this Prestolite offering and other coil boots available in the market these days. Prestolite designs the direct ignition coil boot as a high-quality, direct-fit OEM replacement. This means that installation won't be difficult or inconvenient. Although the direct ignition coil boot is not a new auto part, some car owners are still unfamiliar with what it exactly does for their vehicles. In essence, the Prestolite Direct Ignition Coil Boot transmits the second voltage to the spark plug from the ignition coil. Another function of this part is to prevent high-voltage electricity from seeping out of loose connections. Experts recommend replacing the stock coil boot every time new spark plugs and coils are installed. This will keep the whole ignition system functioning efficiently. Car owners won't any replacement part that's way better than the Prestolite Direct Ignition Coil Boot. This manufacturer has the experience and technology needed to conceptualize and produce auto parts that will really meet car owners' diverse needs.