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Sway Bar Link Kit by Pro Comp

Will the Pro Comp Sway Bar Link Kit Improve Your Vehicle's Handling?

The handling of your vehicle depends on the springy metal bars that are attached to the suspension system. These bars are connected to the axle by links that enable the sway bars to twist when the vehicle turns a corner. If you've ever had any problem with the handling of your vehicle, you may have already heard about the Pro Comp sway bar link kit. Know more about the product through the overview below:

Non-extended Pro Com sway bar link kit

  • What makes it outstanding: Under- and over-steering are two common problems of any automobile, and sway bar links take care of those issues. This sway bar link kit, which contains all the mounting hardware needed for installation, inhibits body roll in a vehicle. With this sway bar link installed in your ride, turning corners will be so much easier. Moreover, this high-quality OE replacement can withstand higher loads without easily being deformed. Compared with other sway bar link kits, this one from Pro Comp offers more value for your money, thanks to its longer service life.

  • Where it fits:This non-extended sway bar link kit is ideal for small vehicles and other automobiles used for daily commutes.

Extended Pro Com sway bar link kit

  • What makes it outstanding:Designed to hold up to extreme forces during driving, this extended sway bar link kit offers vehicles excellent handling. Made from premium-grade materials, this link kit lasts much longer than stock ones do. Drivers who own lifted vehicles will notice a great improvement in handling once this sway bar link kit is used. With their bolt-on design, the sway bar links from this kit take very little time to install. These sway bar links are built tough, which makes them an excellent investment for your ride. If you're after handling quality, then this kit would be the perfect one for your vehicle.

  • Where it fits: This extended sway bar link kit is best fitted in vehicles used for lifted applications. Automobiles with modified or lifted suspension systems such as trucks will greatly benefit from the resiliency that this sway bar link kit offers.

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Pro Comp Sway Bar Link Kit Articles

  • Does the Pro Comp Sway Bar Link Kit Deliver What It Promises?

    Turning to a corner can be difficult, especially when you're driving an older vehicle. You need a stabilizer to improve the handling of your automobile. That's what sway bar links are for. Unfortunately, not all sway bar links are hardwearing. The non-extended Pro Comp sway bar link kit promises an improvement in ride performance. Before you go ahead and purchase this part, read the ratings below to help you make an informed decision:

    How well does it perform? (5/5 stars)

    Made from high-quality materials, the sway bar links found in this kit can dramatically enhance the handling of vehicles. Sharp turns on corner will no longer lead to body roll-a very common scenario among vehicles with bad sway bar links. With these links installed, weight transfer on a vehicle becomes balanced. With less weight transferred on one side of your vehicle, the easier it is for you to shift to the other direction. This non-extended Pro Comp sway bar link kit exceeds expectations when it comes to performance. Small cars, sporty SUVs, and even brawny trucks will greatly benefit from the installation of these links. For that, this product is rated five out of five stars.

    Is it easy to install? (4/5 stars)

    While the suspension system is a complex piece of automotive equipment, the sway bar links in this kit doesn't require a lot of effort to be installed. The process merely involves unbolting the links from the sway bars by detaching the nuts that hold them together. The only difficult part of the installation process is removing the old sway bar link from your vehicle. With such simple mounting processes, this Pro Comp sway bar link kit is rated four out of five stars.

    Is it worth the price? (4/5 stars)

    For less than $100, you can already get this set of sway bar links, ready to be installed in your vehicle. Although this kit is slightly more expensive than other brands, you can expect only the highest quality for your ride. With such sweet price and quality, this sway bar link kit deserves four out five stars.

    Overall rating: 5/5