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Time is always of high value. We want everything to be delivered fast, and if possible, now. Even in driving your vehicle, timing is always of the essence as well. We expect parts to respond as fast as possible, especially when it concerns your brakes. If you want a safe and reliable brake disc, you should choose Pronto parts. Manufactured with the latest technology, these parts are sure to exceed customer expectations. Installing them on your ride will guarantee a safer and more efficient brake system.

One of their known products is the Pronto brake disc, which is designed to respond quickly to help the vehicle come to a full stop. Whether it is the front or the rear disc, it stands out compared to other brake discs because it is made of heavy-duty materials and engineered with consistent strength and performance to allow it to withstand even the highest levels of pressure and friction. Pronto discs have a non-directional swirl finish to make installation easier and feature hub hole chamfers to ensure the right fit.

Some brake discs have been designed with multiple vane configurations. This allows it to dissipate the heat and improve its performance. It is also crafted precisely to be balanced and make sure that it does not produce vibrations and brake noises as it works. Pronto discs come in pre-drilled nut holes to avoid the quick arching and cracking which usually occurs in slotted aftermarket rotors. They are designed to make the discs compatible to most vehicle makes and models. So even if you have a Ford, Chevy, or any other vehicle make, they got you covered.