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Someone thought that quality doesn't always have to be expensive. Very philanthropic, wouldn't you say? But that is how Python wants its superior performance products; to be available at competitive prices. All its injection products are guaranteed available at price tags that every owner and fleet manager can live with. At the same time, they make sure that every Python product will provide a notch higher efficiency to the fuel or air intake system of the vehicle.

Realizing how important the amount of air is in the operations of the engine, the Python air mass meter is designed to regulate and send accurate information to the vehicle's computer engine. But to effectively achieve this, the specification of the vehicle system is taken into consideration. Also, Python offers different levels of performance through the materials used on the meters. Products are equipped with choices of hot wire, hot film, and Karman vortex. The first works using a microprocessor, the second with heated film, and the last with infrared light.

But then, air will not be enough, it needs fuel to combust. And fuel needs to make up a predetermined amount with respect to the available air in the engine. This is where the Python fuel injector finds market. These high quality replacement products will take care of injecting the appropriate amount needed in the cylinder. For best results, the brand offers different styles to fit the specifications of the system it will be used to. There will be a hose style, an o-ring/grommet design, and a galley that will eventually favor the compatible system with economic fuel consumption.