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Quinton Hazell Ltd was founded by Quinton Hazell. He was credited for ending the cartel and for improving the way automobile components were sold and manufactured in Britain especially during the post war years. The company reaches its peak in the 50s and 60s where it was able to sell to over 160 countries around the world making it the largest independent supplier of automobile parts in Europe.

Motor spares in Britain were previously sold in greasy bits of paper, which often leads to the loss of vital parts during transit. The Hazell Company saw this as an opportunity to grow its business and began selling their products using neat boxes containing all components required to do a particular job. The idea on the packaging of aftermarket spares was the result of Mr. Hazell's observation on how Americans presented their motor spares. He noticed that the spares were well coded and thereby easier to use. He also went to United States to observe personally how the motor trade was being organized. He carefully kept a record of all the things that he learned and by the year 1946, he returned to Britain to start his very own aftermarket spare company. They use the Welsh Dragon as the company's trademark that helps them to penetrate the Far East market. You see in the Far East dragons are considered sacred and are treated with high respect. Some of the products sold by Hazell include Quinton Hazell distributor cap, Quinton Hazell tie rod end, and Quinton Hazell water pump.

Through the years, Mr. Hazell has developed a chain of wholesalers and has implemented strict guidelines when it comes to stocking supplies, window displays, and even in terms of the cleanliness of store assistants. These changes were also copied by other suppliers and finally became a norm in the industry. Due to the contribution of Mr. Hazell in the automotive industry, he was dubbed by motor journals as "the father of the automobile aftermarket".