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Radtech is famous brand when it comes to all forms of motorsports. They have been providing the industry with Radtech radiator and intercooler range for more than twenty years now. Their products were designed to endure extreme climate and various race conditions. Time after time this brand has proven that they are truly the best in their field.

The importance of radiator in the performance of a vehicle simply cannot be denied. Without this particular component, a vehicle can turn into an expensive piece of scrap. This is also the reason why Radtech survived in the business for twenty years. Thanks to the high demand for its superior quality radiators.

The radiator is an important part of the cooling system. It is designed to keep the engine from overheating by lowering down the temperature of the coolant that flows through the engine. The air that passes through the radiator aids in cooling down the hot coolant. There are two components comprising the radiator: overflow tanks and a core made of small flat tubes. Aging vehicles are usually prone to overheating but this doesn't mean that a brand new vehicle may not experience radiator trouble. Neglect of conducting a regular radiator checkup or maintenance can cause engine to overheat. That goes true even if what you have is a Radtech radiator.