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Ready Rad is a renowned manufacturer of a/c condenser and radiator-components that are both designed to control temperature. But are these components the same? The air conditioning system of a vehicle is comprised of different components that work together to cool down the warm cabin air in order to give you a comfortable driving experience. One of these components is the a/c condenser. This component is located under the hood and it is where the actual heat dissipation happens. The a/c compressor delivers the refrigerant (like the coolant) into the condenser as a hot, high-pressure gas. The a/c condenser then cools down the hot refrigerant and transforms it into a liquid. The cool refrigerant then goes back to the other parts in the system to absorb the heat inside the cabin. The function of the a/c condenser in the a/c system is very similar to the function that the radiator performs for the engine.

The radiator is just one part of the cooling system that keeps a car from having an engine meltdown. It is in the radiator in which the coolant is cooled down before it is made to circulate back in the engine. Aside from function, the radiator and the a/c condenser are alike in appearance. However, the a/c condenser is smaller than the radiator.

Also, in terms of location in the vehicle, the a/c condenser is usually installed in front of the radiator to take advantage of the air that flows through the grille. The additional air produce by the radiator fan or the engine fan also aids the a/c condenser in cooling the refrigerant. Unfortunately, extreme heat, pressure, and the debris that are sucked in by the a/c condenser and the radiator tends to damage after sometime that these components end up failing. Once this happens, replacement parts are required. However don't choose just any brand, go for the high quality Ready Rad a/c condenser and Ready Rad radiator. These products have been tested and trusted by DIY communities around the globe.