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Replacement Engines is the trusted name when it comes to engine replacement and other automotive parts.

Each engine block from Replacement Engines is Factory-tested for oil and coolant leaks

Replacement Engine products come with a guarantee of high quality and durabity

Give your car a new lease on life with Replacement Engines.

If your street machine feels like it's run its last quarter-mile, don't sell it just yet. It may just need a new engine to bring it back to its old, fighting form. Besides, there's more to your car than its old engine - it has sentimental value. And that's priceless. So give it a new lease in life with the Replacement Engines Engine Block. It's all you need to restore your old car back to life. You shouldn't bother with rebuilding the engine on your own. That'll take both time and money. It'll cost you almost five grand sending the block and cylinder head for repolishing plus replacing engine parts. At only half that cost, you can get the Replacement Engines Engine Block. It's a totally-rebuilt engine which comes with a 36-months/100,000-miles warranty. All engine surfaces have been polished for maximum compression, while every serviceable parts which have failure issues have been upgraded for maximum reliability. This engine has also been tested for both oil and coolant leaks before being released out of the factory. So what you get is a complete engine package that will last another lifetime. So throw out that old engine.

There's an old saying which goes, "once is enough, twice is too much and thrice is dangerous." Well, the same goes for your car's engine. If it's had its fair share of overheating, broken drive belts, oil and coolant leaks, it's time to put it to rest. What you need is a complete engine package which will run another lifetime. You need the Replacement Engines Engine Assembly. It's a completely-rebuilt engine which is only half the cost of overhauling your old engine. Overhauling would already cost you over five grand just for repolishing engine surfaces and upgrading its parts alone. And you still have to put it back together. You won't even be sure how well it will work until it runs on the road. But with the Replacement Engines Engine Assembly, you can set aside such huge troubles. This complete engine assembly has been rebuilt from the inside out - every surface has been repolished and every part has been upgraded to avoid known failure. It's also been tested for oil and coolant leaks to ensure trouble-free drives for miles to come. And it's backed by a 36-months/100,000-miles warranty. So what are you waiting for? Stop stretching your old engine past its service life. It's time to put it to rest.