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AT Speed Sensor by Replacement

All about Replacement AT Speed Sensor

If your vehicle has an automatic transmission, then most probably you have an installed automatic transmission (AT) speed sensor. This device sends a signal to your vehicle's on-board computer with the speed that you are currently running. Once this wears out, you may experience frequent power surges, surprisingly high fuel consumption, and even transmission problems. Before this happens, you should replace your AT speed sensor immediately with a new one. The good but affordable brand Replacement offers AT speed sensors for a low price. Here's a brief overview about the Replacement AT speed sensor that you can use to make up your mind:

What makes it awesome: Every Replacement AT speed sensor is a blade-type device with a two-prong male terminal made from high-quality materials and ensures direct-fit. It is designed based on the stock AT speed sensor of your vehicle to make sure that it will function as if you didn't replace it at all. Its premiere steel and durable plastic materials are not prone to corrosion and are durable enough to last for several years. It also gives the accurate reading of your vehicle's speed to keep you safe while driving.

Where it fits: A Replacement AT speed sensor can fit in any type of vehicle-sedan, SUV, or even pickup, or van-as long as it has an automatic transmission. It can be used in both street and racing applications.

How to make the most out of your Replacement AT speed sensor: You don't want to remember your bad experiences with your transmission, don't you? Hence, you must keep your AT speed sensor in good condition all the time. Check it regularly for signs of premature wear or malfunctioning. Keep the o-ring of the speed sensor lubricated using a transmission fluid as often as possible to ensure that it will function properly. If it wears out after some years, replace it immediately with a new one to avoid having to deal with transmission issues again. Make sure that the sensor's mounting hardware, such as bolts and nuts are all intact and tightened based on the right torque specifications.

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Replacement AT Speed Sensor Articles

  • Replacement AT Speed Sensor: A Brief Overview of the Product

    A Replacement AT speed sensor assures accuracy, durability, and affordability with their product. What if these are all just lip service, you might say. Made from high-quality materials to ensure that it will meet the OEM specifications and be comparable to your stock AT speed sensor, you might want to consider trying out this product. If you're one of the people who had bad experiences with OE replacement parts, might as well read up the brief review below to give you an idea of how this Replacement AT speed sensor would work in your vehicle:

    How well does it perform? (4/5 stars)

    The Replacement AT speed sensor would perform just like your stock part or even better. With its high-quality materials and direct-fit, it will surely surpass your expectations and exceed the OEM specifications. It can accurately monitor the speed of your transmission gears to ensure that you are driving within the permissible limit. It provides your traveling speed efficiently like your stock part used to do. Thus, the Replacement AT speed sensor got a four out of five stars rating in terms of performance.

    Is it easy to install? (4/5 stars)

    If you usually repair your AT vehicle, then you probably won't have a hard time installing the Replacement AT speed sensor in your vehicle. Removing the stock part may take you a while, but installing it won't be a problem, since the part will fit perfectly into the transmission assembly. You can always double-check with the instruction manual included in the kit for details on how to pull it off. With this ease of installation, a rating of four out of five stars is in order for the Replacement AT speed sensor.

    Is it worth the price? (4/5 stars)

    A Replacement AT speed sensor is sold individually and could be a bit expensive since this is a complex part. However, if you would compare it to other brands, this product is indeed cheaper and more durable. Plus, this OE replacement part is backed by a one-year, unlimited-mileage warranty, so you don't have to worry about it getting all messed up upon installation. Hence, the Replacement AT speed sensor gained four out of five stars because of its affordability.

    Overall rating: 4/5