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Trunk Lid by Replacement

Replacement Trunk Lid: A Brief Overview

Your vehicle's trunk lid should always be present whenever you drive, especially if you have important cargo to load on your trunk. Inevitably, this huge part will wear out due to weather damage and corrosion. But whether your vehicle's stock trunk lid is dented or worn-out, you can always replace them even when you're on a tight budget. Thanks to Replacement brand that offers high-quality and durable OE replacement trunk lids at an affordable price. Want to know what's in store for you when you buy a Replacement trunk lid? Are you worried that it might disappoint you because the price is incredibly low? Worry no more. Just sit back, relax, and read the features of this product to know more about it:

Primered Replacement trunk lid

  • What makes it awesome: A primered Replacement trunk lid has a black undercoating that makes them ready for painting with your preferred color swatch that matches your car. This undercoat ensures that the automotive paint will be more adhesive to the surface, thus, making it more durable in the long run. It also saves your time and effort required to apply primer paint to your vehicle. Finally, it also provides added protection to the trunk lid, making it more corrosion-resistant than non-primered ones.

  • Where it fits: Great for all types of weather condition due to its corrosion-resistant feature. This product can perfectly fit in all types of cars, regardless of size and color.

Raw Replacement trunk lid

  • What makes it awesome: Aside from having a finishing, there is no difference with a raw from a primered Replacement trunk lid. A raw Replacement trunk lid is indeed perfect for you if you are a budget-conscious DIYer who would rather paint your car parts at home than spend more. This trunk lid costs half the price of a primered one, so you will really save a lot if you choose to buy this one. Still, it is made from high-quality materials to ensure that it meets and even exceeds OE replacement standards.

  • Where it fits: Perfect for everyday driving. It fits all types of vehicles-from sedans, SUVs, light trucks, and even vans.

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Replacement Trunk Lid Articles

  • What You Need to Know about a Replacement Trunk Lid

    So you have finally decided to purchase a new trunk lid to replace your old, dented one. You've come across a certain Replacement brand that promises high-quality replacement parts for an incredibly low cost. However, you are having second thoughts since you've read in some car forums that these aftermarket parts don't usually last that long and aren't worth the price. To give you an unbiased review on the product, here's how the Replacement trunk lid was rated based on its performance, ease of installation, and cost-efficiency:

    How well does it look? (3/5 stars)

    Replacement trunk lids are made from high-quality materials and are available in a black, primered finish. This finishing makes it easier for paint to last in the surface for a longer time. There are only two options available for a Replacement trunk lid: raw or primered. Both have provisions for your vehicle's license plate and emblem. It is up to you on how you are going to paint the trunk lid to make it match with your car's body color. There are no other options available for the finish, hence, the Replacement trunk lid is rated only three out of five stars in terms of appearance.

    Is it easy to install? (4/5 stars)

    Installing a trunk lid could be a complicated process, since there are several parts that you need to remove as well, such as the latch, lock, and handle, among others. However, installing a Replacement trunk lid is relatively easy as it ensures perfect fit and it includes an installation manual that you can use as your reference. Painting the trunk lid would also take a lot of time, thanks to the Replacement trunk lid that offers primered ones that are easier to manage. With this, the product is awarded with four out of five stars with its ease of installation.

    Is it worth the price? (4/5)

    For a primered trunk lid, Replacement offers the lowest prices for a high-quality auto part. This product is covered by a one-year, unlimited-mileage warranty, so you don't have to worry about not getting your money's worth. You can always have it replaced if you are not satisfied with its quality. Four out of five stars is given to this product in terms of affordability.

    Overall rating: 3.67/5