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Ring And Pinion Set

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Rear-wheel drive cars (RWD) can be more fun to drive than vehicles with front-wheel drive (FWD). That's because RWD cars are much easier to over-steer around corners, making for agile cornering whether on the streets or on the track.An RWD car's sturdy ring and pinion set makes this possible. Meshed together at one end of the driveshaft, the ring gear and drive pinion help transfer torque from the driveshaft to the differential.The differential, in turn, drives the car's rear wheels and adjusts the wheels' speeds during cornering. Apart from natural wear and tear, high-performance driving can really take its toll on the ring and pinion gears inside the differential. Once you start hearing noises from the differential, it's probably time to remove its cover and replace the gears.Good thing, Carparts can easily provide you with the right ring and pinion set for your car's differential.

• Our ring and pinion sets fit both street and off-road vehicles.

• Made from hardened steel, they're heat-treated for greater durability.

• All ring and pinion sets from Carparts are CNC-machined according to OE specifications.

Ring And Pinion Set Articles

  • Ring and Pinion Set Easy Installation

    The ring and pinion set is essentially what makes the rear-wheel drive vehicles move. Race cars often replace their cars' ring and pinion sets often because of the decrease and increase of torque that depend on the gearing. Here's a simple guide to help you take the old ones off and put the new ones on. The entire process takes around 1 hour.

    Required skill level: Intermediate

    Tools and things you'll need:

    1. Floor jack and jack stands
    2. Socket and wrench sets
    3. Gear oil
    4. Silicone
    5. Brake cleaner
    6. Drip pan
    7. Hammer
    8. Screwdrivers
    9. Positraction additive
    10. New ring and pinion set

    Getting ready for the task

    Put the transmission in "neutral" and the jack up the rear end. Support it with jack stands, so you can remove the wheels easily. After this, you can disconnect the driveshaft and pry open the universal joint from its cradle so you can lay the driveshaft end down. Be careful not to dislodge the driveshaft from the transmission.

    Out with the old

    Place a drip pan under the rear cover and let the oil drain out. Then, remove the lock bolts, the pins, and then the C-clips, so you can disassemble the ring and pinion gears. You might need a hammer to be able to take the gears out. Then clean the gear carrier and the housing; make sure to get rid of all gear or bearing residue, because these can damage the new gears.

    In with the new

    Slide the new ones into place, making sure they are flush; then reinstall the C-clips and place the axles and the driveshaft back in position. Clean the cover with the brake cleaner and apply some silicone to seal off the edges. After that, you can add in the gear oil and positraction additive through the filler cap.

    Finishing up

    Next, you can put the tires back on and remove the jack stands. Test your vehicle with the new ring and pinion set.

    Other installation tips

    • Verify the current gear ratio before installing the new ring and pinion set. This is done by counting the number of teeth of the ring gear, and then divide the total with the number of teeth of the pinion gear.
    • The ring bearings must not be reused. Be sure to get new ones if they don't come with the ring and pinion set you purchase.