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Saab 96 Parts and Saab 96 Accessories

The Saab 96 had a very rich and distinguished history. While the 96 retained the body work and look of its predecessor, the 92, it was a different beast altogether. A compact, 2-door coupe, the 96 housed a 1598 cc V4 engine. When this was paired with its lighter, sleeker frame, it resulted in a fast and nimble ride. This combination made it a successful export for Sweden, and it gained a great deal of popularity all over the world. The thing was that it actually managed to look as stylish, classy, yet powerful as it was on the insidein its heyday, the 96 flew off the shelves wherever it was sold.

Unlike many other cars, the Saab 96 had a number of historic landmarks that set it apart from other cars. First, it was a successful racer. Erik Carlsson drove the 96 in many international rallies, and two successive victories in Monte Carlo in 1962 and 63, definitely made driver and ride world-famous. Second, it was unbeatable in speed. As recently as 2011, a 1966 96 driven by Alex LaFortune set a new speed record at 110 mphnot bad for a car that was then 45 years old already! Lastly, the 96 featured in many popular shows of the dayMission: Impossible being one of its best performances!

Today, the Saab 96 is a highly valued prize for many collectorsas a showroom restoration piece and even as a drivable refurbishing job. This is because it is still as reliable, dependable, and safe as when it first came outthat's even when you put the 96 side by side with today's stricter safety standards. The fact that there are so many amazing Saab 96 parts still out in the market has helped to encourage people to bring a lot of them back into the streets of America! So while history is long in the past, clearly, the Saab 96 still has longer story to tell.