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Sankei is a renowned Japanese manufacturer of tie rod ends, ball joints, rack ends, cross rods and other steering and suspension parts. The brand is identified by its Three Five Brand trade mark. It has over 500 dealers serving customers in over 100 countries including UK, USA, Australia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, etc. Sankei Industry Co., Ltd was founded in September of 1960. It started out as Gogsyu Seiki Co., Ltd and a subsidiary of Gohsyu Forge Co. Ltd. Then in 1962 it started producing and distributing tie rod ends under 555 Three Five brand. Came 1963, the company was changed to Sankei Industry Co., Ltd.

In April of 1972 the Japanese manufacturer of steering and suspension parts has obtained the approval of Japan Quality Assurance Organization of JQA to become a member of Japan's qualified manufacturers. A year later, the company has once again obtained recognition for its production of high quality automobile parts given Japan Automobile Parts Association (JAPA). IN March of 1982 the second machining plant was constructed. This second plant has helped the Japanese steering and suspension parts manufacturer to expand their range of automotive products plus increase the production of some of the parts that they are already producing.

In March of 1982, a machining plant was constructed. Three years later, in September of 1985 a new assembling and packing plant was completed. This new assembling plant was extended in 1989. The year 1995 paved way for the construction of production support plant for molds and machine tools. In 1996 the company established P.T. SGI in Indonesia in partnership with Gohsyu Corp. 1999 was another remarkable year for the Japanese manufacturer of steering and suspension parts, this was the year that they were awarded the ISO 9001 certificate in Japan, plus they were able to have their machining plant reconstructed and their new welfare facilities completed. These are just some of the accomplishments of the Japanese manufacturer of steering and suspension parts.