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The Sankei is a manufacturer that specializes in the production of electrical parts. It makes used of highly advanced facilities in the production of its products such as the switches for radiator caps and coolant temperature sensors, sending unit, oil gauge unit, back up lamp switch, stop light switch, PVC valve and many more. Sankei products are renowned worldwide for their superior quality and affordable pricing. It was in the year 1940 when the Sankei Company was founded and ever since the company has grown into the famous company that we all admire today.

A switch is an electrical device that can break electrical circuit by interrupting and diverting the flow of electricity from one conductor to another. It can also start the operation of a component or a device like the coolant temperature sensor or the radiator cap. Also, it is important to note that not all switches are manipulated manually such as the light switch. There are switches that may be operated by process variables such as temperature, pressure, flow, voltage, current, and force by acting as sensors in the process. Switches like these automatically control a system.

Sankei switches vary in function depending on the component/s that they would have to operate. For instance, Sankei Switches coolant temperature sensor functions as a variable resistance thermostat that adjusts its resistance depending on the changes in the engine temperature. The role that this plays in operation of the engine is very important especially in terms of preventing the engine from overheating. Speaking of engine overheating, the Sankei Switches radiator cap also aids in keeping the engine in tiptop condition. The switch in the radiator cap ensures that correct amount of pressure is maintained inside the radiator to enable the efficient distribution of the coolant throughout the engine.