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Saturn Ion-2 Mirror

Fixes for Simple Saturn Ion-2 Mirror Issues

The mirrors on your Saturn Ion serve as extensions of your eyes. The safety of the people in your vehicle and the ones on the road depend on how clear you can see through the windshield and your mirrors. Given the gravity of its role, your Saturn Ion-2 mirror should always be in good shape. Most mirrors are built to last and do not need regular replacements, unless they are irrevocably damaged. Check out the following Saturn Ion-2 mirror problems you can easily troubleshoot.


One issue that the Ion 2 mirrors have is when its power mirror refuses to work. Since you can't manually manhandle the mirror to adjust it, you rely on electronic switches. Now, if you noticed that the mirror can move up and down but not left or right then it will be the switch. You just need to replace the broken switch and the mirror should be back to normal.


It is a general knowledge that when a power mirror refuses to move at all then it could be the fuse. In fact, most people check the fuse first before anything else. Begin with pulling out the fuse box and hunting for the blown fuse. Inspect the fuse individually and check for dark discoloration and melting evidence. Check the insides as well to confirm if the metal connectors inside have separated. Once you identified the blown fuses, remove them gently and replace them with new ones.


Blown fuse not only stops your mirror from functioning but it also causes the wires to overload and melt. If you find the blown fuse, check the condition of the wires and locate the melted ones. Once you've identified them, cut out the melted wires and replace them with new ones. Make sure you connect them properly with wire crimpers.

Broken mirror glass

Most side view mirrors that were manufactured after 1985 were equipped with collapsible mirrors. So unlike the older vehicles, the Saturn Ion-2 mirror can be fixed by part. Aside from its electrical parts, you can also replace the glass mirror inside should you break it. Make sure you remove the entire damaged glass before installing the new one. It certainly beats replacing the entire side-mirror assembly.

Damaged Saturn Ion-2 mirror

If, by absolute unlucky chance, you end up with a severely damaged side-view mirror assembly, then you would have to bite the bullet and buy a replacement. And this is not only for appearances' sake. Driving without a side-view mirror is not only unsafe, but it is also against the law in any state.

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  • Caring for Your Saturn Ion-2 Mirror

    Your Saturn Ion's mirrors are your eyes on the road. They allow you navigate the streets safely and keep you and your fellow motorists safe. It is also abiding by the law, because you get pulled over in most states if you drive with a damaged side(or rear)view mirror. This is known as equipment violation. So, making sure that your Saturn Ion-2 mirror is in good shape, is not only being responsible, is being smart too. Here are few smart tips on keeping your mirrors functioning well.

    Clean them

    Never allow your mirrors to get dirty. The rear-view mirror is more convenient to wipe since it is inside the vehicle. On the other hand, the side-view mirrors have a tendency to be neglected because they are located outside the vehicle. Make sure to wipe them every time you ride the car. And don't overlook them when doing your weekly car wash.

    Get rid of hardened water spots

    Sometimes, your vehicle gets wet and you overlook properly drying or wiping it down after gives your glass mirrors hard water spots. This spots can turn into hazardous blind spots if left unsolved. So prevent this from happening, make sure you tend to your wet vehicle and give it a wipe down it deserves. Take extra time on the mirrors just to be sure. If the hard water spots have already settled on your mirror, you can still save it with just white vinegar, baking soda, water and sponge.

    Prevent foggy sights

    Foggy mirrors like hardened water spots can visually impair you on the road. You can prevent this from happening, just by doing a procedure that takes less than three steps. Using a clean rag, apply car wax on the mirrors thinly coating them. Allow the wax to dry before heading out.

    Check its condition

    For power mirrors, it is advisable to check the condition of its electrical components every once in a while. Most power mirror malfunction can be fixed by any DIYers. So before you notice any symptom, open the dashboard and check the fuses, the wires and the wire harness for any signs of deterioration or melting or short circuiting. You can even try the switches and adjusting the mirrors just to make sure the switches are in perfect working condition.