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Saturn ION Radiator

Maintaining your car with the proper maintenance for your radiator will help you to have an impressive longevity for your car. Radiators perform the most critical tasks on your car, to cool your engine. It can affect the life of your engine, for overheating can lead to a huge problem. Others can be mild, and some can be more severe. You always have to remember that a malfunctioning radiator can lead to a total engine meltdown.

Radiators are a heat exchanger that is often used to cool an engine once it had reached the operating temperature. Mixed with coolant, it passes through the engine and is circulated by the water pump through a radiator hose to the radiator. Cool outside air passing through the vehicle' grille cools that water. It then returns to the engine through another hose. If there's an insufficient air passing through the radiator to cool the water, the vehicle's fan switches on to aid in the cooling. The engine block must be kept cool to avoid some problems. To prevent a snap and a total engine failure, a mixture of water and anti-freeze is pumped through the chambers in the engine block to absorb the excess heat. When the time the superheated engine coolant exits the engine block, it automatically returns to the radiator through a large rubber hose. Actually, the radiator is designed to maximize the surface area through a significant number of internal folds and chambers. The hot engine coolant moves through these nooks and crannies where the excess heat is drawn out through the walls of the radiator.

Since radiator is the primary cooling mechanism of your engine, there's always the possibility that it will fail. It automatically needs a repair if it happens. There are also some several reasons why a radiator fails. One could result to a damage cooling core of the car radiator, a split or broken radiator hose, cracked or broken radiator housing, or a small leak has run your car's radiator dry. If you encounter such problems with your car, call a mechanic that will help you repair your radiator without much trouble. If you are in the middle of nowhere and your radiator is overheating, see if you can find the problem. There are some radiators that are easy to access with a screwdriver and a crescent wrench.

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