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Saturn L200 Turn Signal Switch

The Three Common Symptoms of a Malfunctioning Saturn L200 Turn Signal Switch

The Saturn L200 turn signal switch is an important part of the car because it is where you control the turn signals lights of your vehicle. In newer models of the L200, the turn signal switch also works as the multi-function switch. Over time, the turn signal switch will malfunction because of constant use. If you already notice that the turn signal switch of your car is starting to become faulty, then you'd better do some troubleshooting. Read on to know some of the problems that you might encounter:

A clicking noise is coming from the turn signal switch.

When your Saturn L200 turn signal switch begins to create a clicking noise that doesn't stop, you should try and lubricate it by spraying WD-40 on the lever. Remember to spray the lever twice, first one is when it's up and second when it's down. If the clicking doesn't stop after you've lubricated it, then you should check the wires of the switch located under the steering wheel. The wires should be free from dirt and corrosion and they should not be twisted.

The turn signal switch is not working.

One of the worst problems you can encounter is the total malfunction of the turn signal switch. What you need to do to solve this problem is to remove the dashboard cover and look for the wire carrying the current of the turn signal flasher. If you don't know where the wire is located, you may refer to your car's wiring diagram that can be found on the car owner's manual. You can use a test light probe to determine if the wires are carrying the right amount of current.

The turn signal switch begins to emit smoke.

The smoke from the turn signal switch may come from a burned connector. However, you should inspect the wires as well to determine if you have experienced a short in the circuit. Aside from that, you should also unplug the hazard switch from the fuse. If some parts of the turn signal switch have melted, then you need to find replacement parts. When you're already replacing the parts, you have to make sure to that the fuse is on the correct rating, or an overload may lead to this kind of situation again.

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  • Keep Your Saturn L200 Turn Signal Switch Working Well with These Quick Tips

    Your Saturn L200 turn signal switch, which is sometimes called the multifunction switch, lets you control the turn lights of your car and helps you maneuver your car safely. Since you use the switch constantly, it will show some signs of malfunction later on that can greatly affect the safety of your driving. To maximize the use of your turn signal switch before it totally wears down, you can follow these maintenance tips listed below:

    Clean the parts of the Saturn L200 turn signal switch.

    A good and effective way of maintaining your car's turn signal switch is by cleaning it. However, since you need to remove the entire turn signal switch before you can clean it properly, you should be familiar with its tiny metal parts and know how to put them back. Drawing a diagram or taking a picture of the parts of the signal switch can help you reassemble it later. When the switch is already dismantled, you can use an all-purpose cleaner and a soft emery cloth to wipe the parts. Do not use a brake cleaner or any solvent that is too strong. You can also use a blower to remove the dust from the parts of the switch.

    Remove dirt and lint on the turn signal switch lever.

    As you use the turn signal switch lever every time you drive, it will gradually accumulate dirt and lint from the air. Aside from that, it will also attract dirt when you use it with your unclean hands. When this happens, you need to wipe the lever using an all-purpose cleaner and a soft rag. Just rub it gently on the lever's surface until the dirt and lint are no longer visible.

    Check the turn signal switch's voltage.

    A good and effective preventive maintenance tip for your turn signal switch is to check the switch's voltage if it's normal. This can help avoid a short circuit or a blown out fuse. All you need to use is a multimeter to the test the switch. The multimeter should read 12 volts to show that your Saturn L200 turn signal switch is working normally.