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Saturn L300 Turn Signal Switch

Saturn L300 Turn Signal Switch Troubleshooting Advice

If you're driving a Saturn L300-last model was released in 2004-you may have to replace or repair some parts soon. If the turn signal switch is next on the line, check first if it can still be fixed. By following the troubleshooting tips below, you'll be able to determine and maybe fix the problem of your Saturn L300 turn signal switch before resulting to buying a replacement.

Turn signal switch sticks and the bar doesn't return to center position.

The problem is either the spring or the plastic lever inside the signal switch is defective. Either way, you have to remove the turn signal switch. The job is pretty easy. Release the plastic tabs to remove the top plastic cover (upper shroud) of the steering wheel column. Use a socket wrench to remove the 3 bolts, which hold the lower plastic cover (lower shroud) of the steering wheel column. Then release the 2 plastic tabs to remove the turn signal switch. Remove the plastic cover of the switch and see the problem. Repair if possible. Sometimes, the mechanism just needs a reset. Otherwise, you have to replace the entire switch. Return the switch or install a new switch by following the removal procedure in reverse.

Turn signal switch stays down and keeps signaling left.

There may be something that broke inside the turn signal switch, probably a plastic piece that cancels the turn. Remove the switch by following the procedure mentioned above. If something broke, you have to replace the entire switch. There's no other way.

Turn signal switch engages but the lights don't go on.

Turn the hazard switch on, if the turn lights blink, the bulbs are good. If it doesn't, you have to replace the bulbs. Generally though, if all turn lights are dead, the problem is not the bulbs. Check the relay. Refer to your owner's manual for the location of the relay cluster. If it's not there, check the service manual of your car. Once you find your relay, replace it with a new one. You know you have installed it correctly because there's only one way it will go in-the right way.

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  • How to Maintain Your Saturn L300 Turn Signal Switch

    A vehicle's turn signal switch may last for several years, but if your car is getting older or the turn signal has been used quite abusively, it may fail prematurely. While it is not very expensive to maintain, it isn't nice to keep replacing it regularly. Here are some tips to help you keep the Saturn L300 turn signal switch in good working condition:

    Basic care tips

    Replace the switch if it's beginning to fail.

    The turn signal switch is one part of the car that is easy and cheap to maintain. While proper use will keep it in good shape for the years to come, there will come a time when it will start to fail. At this point, you have to make sure that you do the necessary repair at the soonest possible time. If you see that the turn signal switch or any component related to it begins to fail, repair or replace it with the right part.

    Don't force the turn signal bar.

    Most mechanical failures happen when the driver applies too much force in a rather simple task. Turning the multi-signal bar up or down should be as effortless as possible.

    Don't put unnecessary weight on the bar.

    Don't rest your hand on the signal bar. Only hold the multi-signal bar when you're about to make a turn. Release it once the signal flashes. Remember, your hand should be on the steering wheel and not on something else. Also, never hang anything on the signal bar. Never grab it or arm-wrestle it. If it doesn't turn, don't force it-you may break something in it. Instead, drive home and diagnose and repair the problem.

    Replacement tips

    To replace the old Saturn L300 turn signal switch, you have to remove first the upper and the lower shroud (or the upper and the lower steering wheel column).

    You can access the screws of the switch once you have removed both the steering wheel columns.

    Replacing the turn signal switch should be the last resort. Sometimes, a defective turn signal switch can be repaired.