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Saturn Sl Fender

Saturn SI Fender Splendor Breakers

You roll out your Saturn SI out of the garage and you spot some dents on the front-end side of your compact car. Oops, not good. Albeit typical, fender benders are no-nos if you want to maintain a clean and stylish aesthetic profile for your car. Dents, no matter how minor, can affect how your car looks like. No car part exhibits this situation best other than your Saturn SI fender. Occupying a large portion of your car's exteriors, the fenders can be found about your Saturn's doors and wheels. In such a location, they do not just enhance your car's look, but they also provide protection, especially from collision-type accidents. The term fender benders won't be conceived without a reason, right? Anyway, damage in a Saturn SI fender will obviously cost you more than a damaged exterior as the defective side coverings of your vehicle may just expose your other car parts to damage as well. When the Saturn SI fender problems arise, you should know what to do. Read on for some tips to help rid you of Saturn SI fender blues.

Dents and dings

Probably the most common among possible Saturn SI fender problems are dents and dings. These can be easily diagnosed by simply running your hands over the fender surfaces. Minor bends can be resolved with DIYer-friendly projects, but major bends need expert car treatment service. If the dents and dings on your Saturn SI fender were due to an accident, it is better to head to a service dealer right away. You wouldn't want to drive your Saturn SI with those visible flaws, would you?


Rusting is also a common dilemma for your Saturn SI fender as it is for the other metal components of your car. Concentrated rusting can still be patched up by coating the affected area with a compatible automotive paint and an anti-rust solution. Widespread rusting, however, is a different case. You may have to replace your Saturn SI fenders already. Good thing these replacement parts are purchasable at most car parts stores. Saturn SI fenders are priced within the range of $17 to $423. The varied selection caters to any of your aesthetic or performance needs.

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  • How to Prevent Saturn SI Fender Dings

    Your Saturn SI fender is not just about aesthetic enhancements in your car; it also offers your compact ride all sorts of protection. Installed just in between your doors and wheels, Saturn SI fenders shield most of your wheel hub assembly from mud, pebbles, and other harmful elements that you may inadvertently drive on. Apart from these, Saturn SI fenders also lessen the impact of minor collisions (e.g., fender benders), receiving most of the damage before it reaches your other car parts. To top all that, you should also know that your Saturn SI fenders also contribute to your car's aerodynamics by avoiding wind resistance. If all these still doesn't convince you of the need to maintain your Saturn SI fender, then you had better be prepared for replacement costs of up to more than $400. Simple maintenance tips are listed below for convinced fellows.

    Wash your fenders regularly.

    Staple in maintenance procedures, cleaning your fenders should be done regularly. With a clean, non-abrasive sponge or cloth and a compatible car cleaner, wash your Saturn SI fenders once in a while. As mentioned earlier, a Saturn SI fender shields the wheel hub assembly from the harbingers of rust-water, mud, and other filth from the road. With such frequent exposure to harmful elements, it is only right that you subject your fenders to regular washing.

    Protect your fenders.

    Looks like protectors themselves also need shielding, eh? Yes, they do. Just like the other components of your car, your Saturn SI fenders are also made of metal sheets and are, therefore, also prone to corrosion. Covering them up, especially when not in use, is a simple maintenance step you can do to protect them from harmful elements.

    Repaint your fenders once in a while.

    As your Saturn SI fenders are not exempt from chipping and fading, repainting may be necessary after some time. Once you see some portions of wear, top them with compatible automotive paint right away. You wouldn't want the damage to spread to your entire fender assembly, would you?

    If you can, avoid off-road driving.

    Fender damages are mostly results of exposure to dirt and sand particles, paired with occasional splashes of water. The easiest and simplest way to ward off these elements is to avoid off-road driving as much as you can.