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Saturn Vue Air Filter

Determining if Your Saturn Vue Air Filter is Dirty

The engine is placed in a secured compartment in your vehicle, but what actually keeps it safe from even the tiniest dirt particles is the air filter. As its name implies, the air filter is a device responsible for sifting the air that enters the engine. It traps dust and road debris, thus preventing any of these substances from damaging your engine. However, an air filter is meant to fail eventually. The following are signs, which would help you determine a dirty air filter:

Dark smoke in the exhaust

If the smoke coming out of your exhaust is too dark, there is a high probability that you have a plugged air filter. This black, soot-like residue is actually the result of a rich fuel mixture, which means that there is less oxygen and more fuel being used during combustion. Also, you may detect a strong smell of gasoline accompanying this dark smoke. Usually, it becomes noticeable the moment you start your engine. These impurities in your exhaust pipe can be rooted from a dirty air filter. Inspect your Saturn Vue air filter and replace it when there is already a significant accumulation of dirt on it.

Engine backfiring

Heard a bang from the back of your vehicle? That sound could mean that your engine has backfired. Check your exhaust pipe and prepare yourself for the possibility of seeing a flame at its end. Engine backfiring is another consequence of a dirty air filter, which is incapable of allowing an adequate amount of air into the engine. Thus, a rich fuel mixture comes about. However, sometimes, there is only a little amount of fuel present, which is referred to as a lean misfire. You need to replace your air filter as soon as possible so that dirt particles won't interfere with the smooth passage of air.

Engine noise

Listen in closely for a rough noise coming from the engine. Although it may be caused by so many possible reasons, it would be worth checking your air filter. A plugged air filter could be the culprit behind the black residue on the spark plug, which prevents the plug from firing. This defect then leads to the rough engine noise you hear. Replace the air filter to avoid damaging other components, too.

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  • How to Keep Your Saturn Vue Air Filter Clean

    Everyone who owns a vehicle would want to keep his engine up and running for a long time. In order to do so, protecting it from dirt and other damaging substances is extremely important. Saturn Vue air filter is designed to take on this duty by trapping dirt particles and keeping them out of the engine. However, it is not a secret that an air filter is bound to fail over time. Also, it can get plugged sooner than expected especially when it is not given the proper attention. So here are things you can do on a regular basis to keep it clean and functional for a long time:


    Locate the air filter assembly and remove it for inspection. Unlatch its top part, so you can open the compartment holding the air filter. Then, take the filter out to inspect it for excessive dirt. Remember that it is normal to find your air filter a little bit dirty since it basically deals with dirt substances. However, you need to replace it at once if a thick accumulation of dirt has already settled on it. Another way of finding out if you have a clogged air filter is by shining a flashlight towards it. If the light is hardly visible on the other side of the filter, you would have to acquire a replacement for it. Also, check the surface of the air filter for cracks or tears. If any exterior damage is present, replace it immediately.


    If the air filter is not yet too dirty, you may clean it using a cleaning solvent and then washing it with warm, soapy water. This measure would be very helpful in getting the dirt off and perhaps prolonging the life of the filter. Just make sure that you thoroughly rinse off the solvent. Also, be careful not to wring out the filter so that it won't crack.


    Oiling the air filter components is important to keep the smooth operation of your vehicle's filter system. However, make sure that every part of it is completely dry before oiling them. Otherwise, you risk the chance of getting moisture trapped in the foam, which could eventually damage the filter.