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Saturn Vue Floor Mats

Top Ways to Care for Your Saturn Vue Floor Mats

Because of the abuse they take every day, your Saturn Vue floor mats need to be properly maintained. If you do this regularly, you can get the maximum wear out of them. One major way of protecting the floor mats is to keep them clean. While this task seems daunting, it can actually be very rewarding. Below are some tips to help you get started:

  • Do not just toss the floor mats in the washer and dryer.
  • While your SUV's floor mats are made to be stepped on, this does not mean that their material can handle being cleaned by the washing machine and the dryer. The thing is this method will only add wear to them.

  • Prepare your floor mats before washing them.
  • First, take out the floor mats from your vehicle and lay them on top of a tarpaulin or an old towel or blanket. Then, scrape the mud and other kinds of filth off of the floor mats and vacuum any dusty particles left to make your washing easier.

  • Vacuum the carpet of your vehicle.
  • After removing the floor mats, you will find that the carpet is what's left on the floor in your car. Run a vacuum cleaner on it as mat-based filth can sometimes come from this area.

  • Use a different kind of floor mats during the winter.
  • If it snows in your area, it might be better to use floor mats made of heavy-duty rubber and plastic during the winter season. This way, salt, slush, mud, and other debris that stick in your footwear can be kept off of the carpet and easily cleaned off of the plastic mats.

  • Use a solution of warm water and bleach-free laundry detergent.
  • This will help loosen any dirt that you couldn't get off using the scraping tool and the vacuum. To use this properly, gently dab the soiled surface with the cleaning solution. Do not rub it as this may drive the dirt further into the floor mat. Then, dab the same area with clean water to help remove the soap from the component. Finally, leave it to dry.

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