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Saturn Vue Hubcaps

Problems that are Common to Saturn Vue Hubcaps

There are many reasons why you need to protect your car's wheels. For one, the wheel of the car is most subject to punishment coming from outside factors like dirt, rain, and such. The least that could happen to your wheels is that they would look dirty. Neglect them further, and all the accumulation could make them unrecognizable to the point that they inevitably deteriorate. That's why there is a need for protective wheel covers, or hubcaps. Like any part of your car, though, these hubcaps also have problems you need to be aware of.

That 'clunking' sound

When riding a Saturn Vue, owners have told stories of hearing an audible clunking sound when going at 20 mph. Closer inspection revealed that a lateral arm had torn itself off from the hubcap. This is a dangerous situation for one to be in, and requires immediate attention. Traveling with a hubcap that is broken is literally traveling with a crippled car as it would cause the driver to lose control of the car. The 2003 model of the Vue is particularly infamous for this sort of problem.

Hubcaps coming off

The most serious problem you can ever expect from hubcaps is when they come off the vehicle. Hubcaps are built to be sturdy and tough, but driving conditions can force them to come off. However, there are other conditions that can cause them to do so. One would be damage coming from contact with a curb. Faulty installation and broken retainer clips or struts can also be considered as possible causes. Check for these problems with your hubcaps before you plan on taking a trip or going for a drive.

Hubcaps won't come off

It is highly important that you know your car's wheel size and dimensions if you are in the market for a new hubcap. In some instances, instead of the hubcap coming off, it stays on admirably, and could be hard to remove even when you need to take it off for any reason. This problem with tight and hard-to-remove hubcaps lies in what size your wheel is. If your hubcap is too large or there is not enough room for it, chances are you might experience a hard time in replacing or removing your hubcaps.

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  • How to Keep your Saturn Vue Hubcaps in Top Shape

    A hubcap is known by other names like wheel cover or wheel trim. Whatever it is called, its purpose remains the same. A hubcap's main job is to keep a car's wheel protected from many debris and contaminants that a car encounters everyday on the road. Each of them can damage a car's wheel and before they reach the wheel, they are shielded by the hubcap first. Your hubcap, though, needs to be thoroughly protected too, in order for it to keep doing its job perfectly. Here are a few tips on how to keep your hubcap safe.

    Keep your hubcaps clean

    There are a lot of things that can harm your hubcaps while driving on the road. Dust, dirt, grime and mud are a few of these things. The weather can also weigh heavily on your hubcap's performance, as it could induce corrosion in it. In order to avoid these, learn to keep your hubcaps clean and free from any outside threat. An easy way to do this would be to include your hubcap in your routine cleaning regimen when you wash your car.

    Polish your hubcap

    Polishing your hubcap doesn't only keep it clean; it provides protection to the metal, in turn. There are some metal polish mixes that contain ingredients that are meant to keep your hubcaps clean and free of debris. They also have protective properties that defend against corrosion and deterioration. Simply keeping your hubcaps shiny and polished with these substances can be a big help in keeping them durable and efficient.

    Clean the hubcap's inner ring

    There are some hubcaps that have an inner steel ring. This steel ring is responsible for keeping the cap attached to the wheel. However, being a neglected part, you may find it having a lot of rust and is on the verge of breaking down. It is relatively easy to keep them preserved, though, with simple and timely maintenance. Also, in case they are heavily rusted, some sanding and coating of paint may get them a new lease on life, and have them keep on performing for your car.

    Replace hubcaps with bent rims

    Being a component of your tires, your hubcaps may suffer from close brushes with the pavement, among other things. If you find repairing the old hubcap too expensive, replace the hubcap. Search through junkyards or auto wrecking yards for hubcaps which are still whole enough to be used.