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SBS or Scandinavian Brake Systems A/S is a manufacturer, developer, and distributor of brake and friction parts for both cars and motorcycles. This Scandinavian company also owns 100% of the shares in Notox A/S, which is a company that manufactures and develops diesel particulate filters for both off-road and on-road diesel vehicles. The SBS was founded in the year 1964 and has been listed on Copenhagen Stock Exchange since 1989.

Some of the famous products of Scandinavian manufacturer include SBS brake shoe set, SBS brake caliper, and SBS brake disc. To provide you these products at affordable prices, Race Pages has collaborated with Scandinavian Brake Systems A/S. For years we have been providing customers of SBS' in different parts of the globe with high quality SBS' products and we are proud to announce that we have been receiving positive feedbacks from day one that we have started shipping orders for these products. Aside from shipping SBS' products, Race Pages is also providing the necessary customer support services to assist all of SBS' customers in various parts of the globe. And we promise to continuously deliver on time and to provide reliable, friendly, and prompt customer support for all SBS' buyers for years to come. This is our commitment to you, our dear customers and we promise to uphold it for as long as our operation will allow us.

SBS' brake and friction parts products are available to all DIYers, OE/OES market and even the free aftermarket. What makes SBS' brake and friction parts better from all the other brands? Scandinavian Brake Systems A/S' products are manufactured using only the most advanced technology in product development. They also make use of only the finest grade of materials in the production of their brake and friction parts. Add to it decades of experience in the field of brake and friction parts development and you get only the best products.